The Zionist Zombie Pedoist Usury One’s Harmonize With Edward’s Piker Battalion Band’

‘The Zionist Zombie Pedoist Usury One’s Harmonize With Edward’s Piker Battalion Band’

In the year of 1290 in Merry England of old-
lived a wise King, a warrior very bold-

He warned the Usury khazarian pedophiles raping & murdering the English young-
To stop their evil, not do it again or he would put them on the run-

When he again saw the dead form of an bloodless English child-
Ritually gang raped, drained of blood, his reaction was not mild-

He assembled the Piker Battalion Band-
Each a brut, a very virile manly man-

As Edward directed the Usury pedophile’s departure song-
The pedophile Usury Jesus the Christ Hating ones screamed along-

Such vermin, such losers, such useless and evil dung-
Edward should have done the blood eagle with their lung-

But in a moment of weakness he allowed them to live-
Expelled, the Usury Pedophile’s went to other lands, sucked their blood, a virus to the world to give-

The Biblical “sins of the fathers” extended past three to four generations must be done-
Perhaps Edward to finish the job, will send a great-grandson!

The Ole Dog!

The Kicked Red Russia Khazarian Street Mutt Howls

‘The Kicked Red Russia Khazarian Street Mutt Howls’

The kicked Red Russian Khazarian street mutt howls-
The boot of Truth up their ass, causes consternation of the despicable ones bowels

The Non Semitic degenerate fake holds it’s diarrhea encrusted front paws to it’s mange eaten ears-
The truth is the cause of all of the putrid ones howling of it’s fears-

What will happen when the truth of the Khazarian Big Lie finally leaks out-
The Hazbara khazarian street mutt in fear drops its pants, bends over and the ass hole begins to shout-

God gave it to me, I am special, I am chosen, I am allowed to rob rape murder and lie-
My imaginary angry pedophilic thieving demon god said all non cult humanity must be my slave or die-

I take great joy in raping little boys up the ass as they scream in fear and pain-
I take great joy in murdering their extended families for my personal gain-

So why are you persecuting me by proving my lie and telling folks the truth of my evil existence-
Why humanity might actually stand up against the “Chosen ones”, humanity might start a resistance.

The Truth could very well lead to the end of the street mutt evil Khazarian blight-
That is why when kicked with the truth, the Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel khazarian street mutt howls in fright-

The Ole Dog!

Millions Of Americans Are Walking Into A Chinese-Made Trap Getting Their News From TikTok- Please Return To Getting Your News From The Jews-After All, Would Jews Lie To Goyim?

a growing number of U.S. adults admit to regularly getting their news on TikTok as apposed to Jew run MSM and social media sites.

This should concern all readers who care about the UNITED STATES.

So please-please return to getting your pig shit, I mean “news” from Jew Run MSM and Jew run “social media platforms and the Jew S “government.

After all would a Jew lie to Americans?

Say like saying Arabs did 9-11?

The Ole Dog!

Time Again for The Jews To Get The Edward the 1st Treatment!

Non Semitic red Russian Invading Turkmen Mongolian KhaΩarian mongrel Jew Cult member’s children in IsraHELL in 2013 dressed up as the 9-11 attack on the Towers in New York in celebration of IsraHell Holocausting 3,000 Americans

As Edward the 1st is one of my great grandfather types several ways in different family lines, I know his history very well.

The below definition of why he kicked their asses out of his country only scratches then surface.

Edward told them to stop their Usury and get real jobs or else.

They ignored him and only went underground with their usury loans to steal widow’s homes and English lands.

When he finally kicked them out in 1290 AD was for RITUAL MURDER, which appears again and again in many of their expulsions from many countries.

There were several cases of Khazarian Jews gang raping English children in their heathen black magic rituals, then murdering the children to drain their blood to use in making their Purim bread.

Edward said enough of this evil shit by these soul-less animals, and kicked their asses out.

‘Singing Harmony With Edwards’s Piker Battalion Band’

Edward looked with disdain at PEDO USURY Khasarians with sword in hand,
Said I have picked you to sing harmony with my Piker Battalion Band,

Your days of buggering English children are at an end,
My Piker Battalion Boys are here to bend,

You to their masculine will,
But, not with a kiss to seal the deal,

You are a blight upon the land,
No more will I allow you to stand,

Spreading your evil to young and old,
Nor will I allow you to steal the gold,

From the widow, nor bugger the young as you have done,
Your evil games are through, of your shit I will have none,

For the last time, no more warning will I give,
Best be thankful I let you live,

Deplorable, despicable trash!
On humanities ass, you are a mangy rash!

I will run you from this shore,
But first the Piker Battalion Band, wants to harmonize with you, once more!

‘The Piker Battalion Band’

Yes they begged, they lied, they swore,
On the fact their wife was both their own mother and a whore,

They had not done this crime so vile,
The slaughtered children’s remains still in their domiciles,

English Children, ritually raped and drained of blood,
Lying pale in the lice and vermin filled floors of mud,

Of their dens of horror, pain, debotury and sin,
While the cowards wailed they were innocent again,

Edward said I must from English shores this filth run,
Till their shadow can not be sent here by the Sun,

But first my Pikers a song to sing,
A song of buggering this evil ring,

Their birds came home to roost in their end,
A poetic justice to the situation seeming to lend,

But he swore if this ever happened again in his Land,
Edward would again assembled the Piker Battalion Band,

King John de Carleton:
Sovereign King of:
The Kingdom of Carleton,

Great Grandson Type, of Edward The 1st,
Who Commanded the Piker Battalion Band,
Through out the Land,
In the year 1290!

The Ole Dog!

Yes I Am Crazy, But I Am Not Insane

The sheep think anyone who embraces the truth, anyone who has a set of balls, anyone who does not go meekly through the slaughterhouse doors with the herd, is crazy.

So yes, as per the sheep’s definition of crazy, the Ole Dog! is crazy.

When I was yet in high school over two generations ago, I was warning if the child raping scum political whores in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac did not stop borrowing and spending like a drunken sailor with an handful of credit cards in a titty bar the end result would be the destruction of the middle class and the resulting 3ed world status of America.

I warned the continuing balls to the wall borrowing and spending by the DC clowns would result in outright economic default on loans and obligations or by hyperinflation of the currency leading to the same result as borrowed fund would be paid back in inflated currency worth only fractions of a penny on the dollar of purchasing power, the middle classes savings, wages would become in purchasing power, worthless as teats on a boar hog.

Folks decided I was crazy as the corrupt political whores in DC assured them the Borrow and spend road went on forever and the “free” stuff party never ends.

Forty something years later, look around you.

The wife and I have been hitched damn near forty years.
All that time I have warned her of where society and the world was going .

My wife decided I was crazy.

Here a while back my Viet Nam vet brother and his wife were in town so they stopped by.
While we were visiting the conversation got around to the 3ed world shit hole America has become because of the evil and communistic lust of the bought and sold political whores in DC.

I had to go do something so left the wife with my brother and sisternlaw for a few minuets.
As my brother and his wife were fixing to drive off and the wife had already gone back into the house, my brother told me the wife had admitted to then she had always thought I was crazy but there was the small problem of everything I said was going to happen years ahead of the events, kept happening.

I have a top shelf pedigree which can be traced back on most family lines for at least a couple of thousand years.
When someone’s name came up in history many times I would tell the wife, that’s one of may great great grandfather, great great grandmother or cousin types.
Such as George Washington being my 2nd cousin and his Great aunt who was the sister of George’s grandfather, being one of my great grandmother types.

She decided I was crazy.

A few years back I purchased a 15 volume set of genealogical books on the Washingtons.

I showed her my name, hers because she married me and our children as descendants of the Washington’s, Presidential branch.

She took a photo of that part, sent it to our daughter saying:
He’s NOT crazy!!!

Well, yes I am crazy.

Growing up if there was anything I had not done which was dangerous and exciting, I had to do it.
Swimming the headwaters of the Nueces River when it was in flood, both ways.

Climbing the sheer broken face of Bull Head mountain with only my fingers and toes, no tools or ropes.

Riding fast bucking horses, fast cars on narrow winding mountain roads, fast motorcycles and such.

I still hold the record for the most barbed wire ranch fence and cedar post taken down with a motor cycle at 75 MPH at around two hundred feet of the chainsaw wired fence.

I did spend about a month in the hospital having operation after operation to put my ass back together, but hey, it was an experience very few can even start to imagine!

I sometimes dated two or three girls at once without them knowing about each other.

I joined the military after there was no draft and did my war.

I will own up to being bat shit crazy by the sheep’s definition.
But I am not insane and history has proved I damn well knew what was going to happen long before most folks alive today were even born.

I like to make sure the sheep do not even get the least idea I am one of them!

The Ole Dog!

Five Countries Have Requested the Rothschild Owned and Controlled ICC Investigate The War Crimes Done In Palestine By Rothschild’s Private Fiefdom Illegally Occupying Palestine

Bangladesh, Bolivia, Comoros, Djibouti and South Africa have requested the Rothschild owned and operated ICC

investigate the War Crimes and Holocaust

of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judeans being done by Rothschild’s private Fiefdom

Illegally Occupying the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judeans own Ancestral Home Land of Palestine.

Asking the RothsRats to investigate their own War Crimes is about the same as pissing into the wind on a freezing day.

It might give one a momentary warm feeling but to be followed by the cold hard facts of reality.

The Ole Dog!

Up Is Down And Down Is Up

Up is down and down is up in this world infected with the Zionist Zombie Virus-
A world totally hosed up without a soul missing a fundamental part as was Osiris-

Black is white and white is black to the infected with a virus which eats the soul and brain-
Morals, decency, truth, honor, kindness is beyond their ability to obtain-

Cold is hot and hot is cold in their Zionist Zombie Virus eaten mind-
The lies they spew constantly are as repulsive and colorful as a baboon’s behind-

“God” gave it to us they scream while Holocausting tens of thousands of God’s children-
From filthy bucktoothed pie holes having sexual orgasms as they send-

High explosives, white phosphorus, artillery shells to slaughter all living things not of their cult-
The torn apart bodies, humans run over by bulldozers, the raped and slaughtered are mult-

All across the world political whores blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape videos scream-
We must send weapons and funds to help the Zionist Zombies achieve their very evil wet dream-

Of world domination where everyone else are sexual toys, beast of burden and slaves-
To the Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel knaves-

Cult members placed at the helm of MSM TV and print media caterwaul oh poor poor us-
As all souled humanity are raped, robbed and slaughtered by the soul-less red Rus-

Non Semitic Khazarian mongrels are Semitic and Semitic Palestinians are not according to the rabid ones-
No, no beings can be found as disgusting evil and perverted in all the universes under many suns-

All souled humans from all the world over must join in righteous wrath-
To eradicate the Zionist Zombie Virus so Humanity can once again walk the path-

Of Light, understanding leading to wisdom which in turn leads to the Creator God-
Not a hating blood lusting demonic creature who wishes to torment humanity with an iron rod-

Of evil, beating the decency, the kindness, the very humanity out of all who walk this rock-
A despicable putrid being who wishes all LIGHT from the SOURCE from humanity to block-

The Zionist Zombie virus must be defeated for humanity to survive-
When the last virus host is gone humanity will know that peace and God’s love has arrived!

The Ole Dog!

Illegal Occupation US War Crime Base In Iraq, A Sovereign Country US Illegally Invaded Based On Lies US Made Up Themselves, Hit By Iraqi Freedom Fighters

US is illegally occupying Iraq in an International War Crime after Illegally Invading Iraq in an International War Crime based on Damn Lies US knew were Damn Lies because the US political war criminal whores made the Damn Lies up themselves.

Colon Powell got before the UN and lied his ass off, waving a vile of powder and talking made up shit about Iraq having “yellow cake”, lied Iraq was making “weapons of mass destruction” with the non existent “yellow cake” Iraq did not have.

After US illegally invaded Iraq based on Damn Lies, bombed their country back to the Stone Age, scattered cancer/birth defect causing Uranium powder from depleted Uranian tank and artillery rounds all over Iraq, stole everything worth while from their museums, gang raped their children which many times were murdered so they could not accuse their rapers, holocausted tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, the US admitted there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

But the US refused to stop occupying Iraq.

Even after Trump in an International war crime murdered an Iranian general who was kicking IsraHell’s proxy terrorist group ISIS’s ass,

who was on a posted diplomatic mission to the Iraqi Government along with a couple of Iraqi Freedom Fighters

and the Iraqi Government voted to expell the terrorist occupiers from Iraq, the US refused to stop illegally in an International war Crime occupying Iraq.

Both in Syria, which the US also Illegally Invaded in an International War Crime, and is Illegally occupying in an International; War Crime, and Iraq, lately Freedom Fighters from both counties have been attacking US’s terrorist Occupation bases with many US troops being injured (killed?).

In retaliation for both countries Freedom Fighters Legally trying to expel the illegal US terrorist occupiers from their Home Lands, the US in Further Internatinal War Crimes has Holocausted more Indigenous Freedom Fighters and civilians with Illegal War Crime air strikes trying to force both countries to stop Legally trying to expel the US occupation Terroist who are in an International War Crime Occupying their Countries while stealing the countries Natural Resources all the while aiding Israel’s proxy terroist group ISIS.

Now another attack has been done by Iraqi Freedom Fighters against the US Illegal Occupation base in Harir, in Irbil in northern Iraq.

The US has not done damage control yet claiming no one was injured/killed and nothing of significance was hit as they usually lie after such attacks.

I have posted many times it would be simple for the cowardly chicken hawk

child raping political whopres in Sodom and Gomorrah to stop getting American children in uniform injured/killed in these two countries US illegally in International War Crimes and which US in International war Crimes continue to illegally occupy.

Get the F##K out of their countries, stop US’s War Crimes in both countries.

Elementary my dear Watson!

As a plus, the billions of fiat inflating Rothschild’s Not Federal, Not a Bank, and no Reserve(s) notes saved can be used to pay for staging these troops at the Southern Border to stop the illegal invasion of American states from illegal 3ed world criminals.

The Ole Dog!