General Robert E Lee’s General Order Number 73

Getting hard to find this on the web. In the last few months have seen it harder and harder to find on the web with a search engine.


If you read this order, it shows the complete difference in the morals, values of the Confederacy and the South, versus the Washington DC/United States Military and civilian “government”, which not only allowed, but sent the United States military to rape, rob, murder, and occupy the South.

These were clear cut war crimes, of Washington DC on the Southern People, a Holocaust of Southern Humanity, by WASHINGTON DC.

Washington DC, has spent the last 155 years, telling lies to cover their war crimes against a foreign nation, and sovereign States.

Order # 73, shines the light of illumination, on the evil, the lies, the intentional war crimes, against the people of the South.

Thats why they do not want you to read this order.

I have people lie and try to claim the Southern Soldiers did the same crimes as the Washington DC scum.

I have people say, rape, robbery, murder of civilians is just part of war. That view is a zionist view, because zionist like to rape, rob and murder. They believe their “god” wants them to rape Rob and murder.

John C Carleton

“General in Chief of the Confederate Army

General Robert E. Lee’s Order No. 73

Regarding Christian Conduct of Confederate Troops toward Northern Civilians and their Property

General Order No. 73

The commanding general has observed with marked satisfaction the conduct of the troops on the march, and confidently anticipates results commensurate with the high spirit they have manifested. No troops could have displayed greater fortitude or better performed the arduous marches of the past ten days. Their conduct in other respects has, with a few exceptions, been in keeping with their character as soldiers, and entitles them to approbation and praise. There have been however, instances of forgetfulness on the part of some that they have in keeping the yet unsullied reputation of the army, and that the duties exacted of us by civilization and Christianity are not less obligatory in the country of the enemy than in our own. The commanding general considers that no greater disgrace could befall the army, and through it our whole people, than the perpetration of the barbarous outrages upon the innocent and defenseless and wanton destruction of private property that have marked the course of the enemy in our country. Such proceedings not only disgrace the perpetrators and all connected with them, but are subversive of the discipline and efficiency of the army and destructive of the ends of our present movements. It must be remembered that we make war only on armed men, and that we cannot take vengeance for the wrongs our people have suffered without lowering ourselves in the eyes of all whose abhorrence has been excited by the atrocities of our enemy, and offending against Him to whose vengeance belongeth, without whose favor and support our efforts must all prove in vain. The commanding general therefore earnestly exhorts the troops to abstain, with most scrupulous care, from unnecessary or wanton injury to private property, and he enjoins upon officers to arrest and bring to summary punishment all who shall in any way offend against the orders on this subject.

R E Lee”

U.S. Navy Citing Poor Seamanship, Removes Commanders of USS Fitzgerald Over Deadly Collision-gCaptain

I was Navy, Seabee, but Navy.

The Captain of the ship/the commander of a battalion, is responsible for everything which happens in his command.

If the Navy needs to grab someone, throw them on their sword, so the admirals really responsible for the sorry recruits, lack of a leader in being able to get real military efficiency out of a transgender political correct military, lack of funds for training, the commanders of battalions, ships, are handy for that purpose.

This captain may have been a real looser who should not have been charge of the garbage detail, or he may have been a damn good officer who was whipped into line, and gave up, learned to stop fighting the system.

Don’t matter. When this accident happened, i told friends that the CO and XO were toast.

John C Carleton


March on Google postponed after Antifa left-wing Terror Group Threatens to Ram Cars into Peaceful Protesters-Natural News

Might point out that the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and several other groups were Peaceful protestors in Charlotte, which were attacked by these same criminals.

That there were some ass holes sent to start trouble by Soros, as skin heads, white supremacist, does not change the fact that the vast majority of Southern heritage marches were peaceful.

I have seen, skin heads, KKK people get chased away from Sons of Confederate Veterans events. There are black members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, because Souther Blacks fought them evil raping/murdering yankee Washington DC scum, they were raping, robbing, murdering the blacks also, free and slave.

In a letter back home, one yankee Sgt., wrote that the slaves did not want to leave home and follow the yankee army anymore, as the blacks had figured out that they only wanted the strongest men to labor, and the best looking black winches for sexual purposes.

He also said when an officer went raping, plundering, murdering, he had to put on a Pvt’s uniform.

This stuff is not going away as long as Washington DC stands as a criminal organization.

John C Carleton

Texas Must Secede

I am against violence as a political tool, against wars and revolution.

Hard as i try to maintain that status, the criminal whores of Washington DC/Austin, have forced me to the point where there seems to be three choices.

(1), be a good slave to the zionist criminals of Washington DC and their flunkeys in Austin.


(3) SECEDE, kick the yankee scum and the Mexico gentuza out of Texas.

Option one and two are simply not a choice to be considered.

That leaves option three. Option three will be no cake walk. Hope there are enough Native Texas sons to get the job done.
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My Homeland is Once Again Under Attack

In the year 1861, the criminal mob that is Washington DC, using Puritan religious fanatical propaganda and indoctrination, mixed with the Marxist of the failed 1840s uprisings in Europe, attacked my Country.

In 1865, the last of the freedom fighters surrendered, except for some like Frank and Jessy James. I must pause here to state that they are cousins, both from lines in England and the James family in America, from which i am descended.

The Southern people, starved, wounded, broke, under corrupt foreign military occupation, buried their dead, and went about trying to rebuild the South with Washington DC stealing a good chunk of everything off the top.

One hundred and fifty years of military occupation later, (the Federal troops have never left), Washington has sent communist style agitators to cause trouble, try to erase the history of the Southern people.

Once again the pedophilic, evil doers, whores dressed all in purple, from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, not content with corrupting the Souther people to their evil ways, try to erase even the memory of the brave men and women of the South, black and white, Cherokee Indian, Texas Mexicans, Irish, (just can not keep an irishman out of a good fight), and others, who stood up to their evil.

A people without a history, are only cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

Not my History!

Not my Texas!

Not my Dixie

John C Carleton

What the Media won’t tell you about Charlotte-youtube

I have been convinced for years that the Federal “government”, makes damn Sure that such divisive groups as the NAACP, LULAC, BLACK Lives Matter, KKK, La Raza, many others stay in business and are funded indirectly by the Federal “government”, with only the very top few in these organizations really know who they are working for, and what the real reason they are causing discord.

Violence, hate, riots to take attention off an impending economic collapse, on demand.

Infiltrate well meaning organizations who are trying to fight back, get people in those organizations preaching hate, not peace.

Charlotte was planned at the Federal level, carried out at the city level, backed by the State level.

What you need to ask yourself, if they want you watching the discord, what is it they do not want you watching.

Or, are they trying to declare martial law so they can take the gloves and mask off and show you the real face of Washington DC?

John C Carleton

Interview With the descendant of Free Texas Blacks, who are Confederate Veterans-Youtube

Today, George Soros bused in some Black Lives Matters agitators.

They had a rally about taking a Confederate Monument down in Travis Park.

No one bothered them.

They were supposed to vacate the park by 1300 as the pro Southern history and Heritage rally kicked off at 1400 hrs.

They came back, tried their best to start trouble. My wife got caught in a police convoy, trying to check on me, ended up with a front row seat, to the agitation that the San Antonio police put up with.

The Police more than bent over backwards to keep the peace, taking sass from some of these agitators who seemed to be trying to get arrested. When the police are wrong, i am the first to point it out. But today i was proud of the restraint they showed.

My apologies, the video is not the best, as i was running both ends of the camera.

John C Carleton

I propose a law called the ‘Zionist Self Deportation Law’

First, if you are not aware, when a new elected or appointed person makes it to Washington DC to join the Washington DC/USA crime canal, they are “asked” to sign a pledge to put Israhell first. This pledge is not of the “government” itself. and is not mandatory, coming from a USA based zionist organization.

If they do not sign however, their campaign funds will dry up, the next election, a very strong, very well financed candidate, will be running against them. The will do one term, and go home. Appointed people can be un-appointed, very fast as the USS Trumptanic appointments have shown.

So i, as an American, propose, that it be mandatory for anyone, everyone, having a tax exempt status, serving in the public sector anywhere, at any level, to sign a pledge to put America and Americans before any form of Zionism.

Violation of that pledge, would carry a mandatory, non pardonable sentence of 15-life, at hard labor, making little rocks out of big ones, hell picking cotton!
Or, they voluntarily deport themselves, get the hell out of the country, fast!

If ever caught back in the country, that would trigger a mandatory, non pardonable death penalty to be carried out within 24 hours.

Here is the good part. A zionist word is worthless. They have no honor, they are going to lie!

Lawyers, cops, politicians, schoolteachers, bankers, and ministers, especially zionist ministers!

I would drag John Hagee’s fat ass down to the front of the row to sign that pledge!
He would violate it next Sundays donation session.

Give him the choice of breaking rocks in the hot sun, or get the hell out of the country.

Fat son of a bitch would deport himself. Of course all of his ill gotten gain would be frozen, transferred to a fund to feed the hungry Palestinian orphans.

Have all these evil, baby raping politicians, MSM talking heads and owners, bankers, ministers, lawyers and such, deport themselves.

It is very simple, and would soon bring a calming effect to the people of America as these blood sucking parasite class, the agitators, the BS slingers, are gone, and with them their evil lies and agitation.

I mean, deportation would not be mandatory. Its not like they would not have a choice.

I mean, who knows, maybe John Hagee has always harbored a secret desire to break rocks in the hot sun.

John C Carleton