Ministers Hitting Hell Wide Open, Or When the Obese POS John Hagee splashes down in Hell

My father was a country preacher. Did not like big churches and cities. He was a man who lived what he preached. I have seen him repair fences, clean out wells for the widows.

He and I were close despite a sister and brother who did everything they could to make me look bad to him, as they were insecure and felt threatened by my father and my closeness. We did a lot of discussions on life, honor, morals, theology.

Being a minister, and I a preachers kid, you got most of the gossip about preachers doing what they told others not to do. Many times my father would point out a minister, and tell me. “Now son, I know we are not supposed to judge, but if I had to guess, I would say that preacher will hit hell wide open”.

Anytime I see, hear or hear of John Hagee, by fathers words ring in my ear.

Time to get real Americans.

Time to educate yourselves.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

If it is Good For the UNITED STATES, it is Bad for America, If it is good for America, it is Bad for the UNITED STATES

How could that be the sheep will bleat!

Simple, the two are not now, and have never been the same thing.

American of course, includes South, Central and North America. North America again is broken up by the countries and States. Here when I say America, I am referring to that part of North America, which is situated from Canada’s Southern border, to Mexico’s Northern Border. Pacifically that area occupied by the UNITED STATES.

Oh yes. The UNITED STATES, is a legal fiction which does not in the physical reality, exist. It is an International for profit Corporation doing business as the USA, or the UNITED STATES. The criminal employs of the crime cabal, which overthrew the real government of the Federation of States, are in fact, international criminals, and if they claim status as Americans, that makes them collaborators, and damn liars. They are a damn liar, one can not be a real American, and serve the evil of Washington DC which is raping, robbing, kidnapping, holding for ransom, murdering, Americans, and the rest of the world!

So if the evil minions in Washington DC, are happy and say that it was good for America, that means Uncle Sugars Pedophillic ass just shoved his bloodstained member up America’s, and the worlds ass, one more time.

The word “good”, in fact should never be used in conjunction with USA/UNITED STATES, unless it is a report that the crime cabal members in DC have been arrested for their crimes, and the USA/Washington DC crime cabal no longer exist.

But of course, the evil ones of DC would consider that bad, which would be good for Americans and America!

Time to educate yourselves Americans.

Time to get real.

Time to emancipate yourselves.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

You Can Not Wake People Up

Thats what people keep telling me. They say that the people are too ignorant, stupid, and thats how they want to stay.

Had a sister in law tell me that yesterday. She was not against me, just thought i was wasting my time on humanity which wishes to be slaves, immoral, sheep.

She is not the first, i am told that often.

I hope they are wrong, because if this is as enlightened as humanity gets, if “me first”, “whats in it for me”, is where humanity stops it’s evolution, then all the countries that have nukes need to fire them all off at once, because if this is as good as humanity gets, humanity does not deserve to survive.

John C Carleton

Another Failed Republican Revolution

A Republican revolution can be defined as a time when Republicans gained control of both Houses of Congress and therefore were in a position to severely limit the federal government.

There have been five Republican revolutions in modern times, and they have all ended in failure.

The first Republican revolution occurred in 1946 when Republicans regained control of both Houses of Congress after four elections of FDR to the presidency and years of Democratic rule. With a Democrat in the White House (Harry Truman), their hands were somewhat tied, and they lost control of the Congress in the next election. Unfortunately, however, the Republicans joined with Truman in passing the National Security Act of 1947 which created the CIA and began the national security state. The Republicans failed.

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Peace Officer, Vs Law ENFORCEMENT!

Young people today, have never know peace officers for the most part, most of them were retired or dead of old age before they were born.

They are well aquatinted with LAW ENFORCEMENT!

An American Peace Officer, was charged with keeping the peace. This did not mean shooting everyone who farted into the wind, or failed to piss themselves in fear at the mere sight of the officer. This often times means getting quarreling couples calmed down, with out beating the hell out of them, killing or arresting them. Meant that when a teenaged did something a little stupid, you scared the shit out of him, but did not arrest or beat the hell out of him, so that he would think better about doing stupid things in the future. Meant ignoring, not arresting people who break stupid control freak zionist laws that should not be laws. Means being a productive part of your community, not an ass hole that thinks he’s Billy Bad Ass because he has a badge and a gun, and a crooked court to cover his ass when he violates peoples rights.
It means using that shotgun, pistol, rifle, as a last resort, not the first.

A UNITED STATES LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER!, on the other hand, is meant to instill fear to question the zionist self perceived authority, to do any damn thing they want to you and yours. This includes prison or death, irregardless if you have committed a crime or not.
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Jesus, Peter, and i Walked on Water

As a teenager, i liked to fish. There was a swimming hole above the low water crossing, about a quarter mile from where i grew up.

Ever time the river went on a tare, swimming hole would change, get larger, smaller, deeper, more shallow. Then the new money white thrashers, named Berry, got a ranch in the area, started screwing with the river, with their chain saws and bull dozers, but i will get to that in due time.

Now, i knew that there were a couple of nice size large mouth bass and some good cat fish were swimming around in the swimming hole.
Caught a small perch, hooked him through the back, no weight, tied the clear line to an underwater root of a tree, so no one could see it. Next morning, went down to the river. Waded out to the other side, reached under water and took holt of the line. Stared pulling it in. Knew i had a good one on the line from the drag on the line. Kept pulling hand over hand, until i happened to look up and see the several foot long cotton mouthed water moccasin about three feet from me. Now, these are some really mean pissed off ass holes. Have had them chase me out of the river, and patrol the river until it was sent to zionist heaven with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Looking at this very pissed off venomous snake, too damn close to me, caused me to be able to claim membership in a very exclusive club.

Those who walked on water. Jesus walked on water. Peter walked on water. I walked on water. Now i can not say i was walking on top of the water, but i will swear my feet never touched the bottom.

I went home, got my Winchester single shot 22 rifle, pulled the zionist bastard in again, and released it of its evil.

This just proves that a poor preachers son Texas hillbilly can walk on water just like Peter.

Also might note that the zionist snake was no longer a danger to humankind.

John C Carleton

The Black Southern Pacific Track Gang Cook, and Judge Roy Bean’s pet Javelina

This took place in South West Texas, late 1880’s, early 1890s.

My grandfather came from a family of doctors, ministers, lawyers, and farmers. Always the land , animals and crops. Thats why Carleton’s had large families, to work the farm while the old man used his profession to scratch his wonder lust.

He grew up during reconstruction, 1866-1876, a hard time for Southerners. His educations opportunities was not what had been available to the children born before the late War Crimes against the Southern People by Washington, DC, USA, Empire of.

Probably would not have mattered. he hated indoor work. Loved the outdoors. Throwback to earlier blood.

Married my Grandmother, in 1890 in West Texas.

Hired on to the Southern Pacific crew at Sanderson Texas. Got the nick name of Sandy. His hair was jet black and he was very dark complected. Black Welsh.
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Are You an American, or an USA Zionist International War Criminal?

Americans cheering on the genocide of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinians in the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian’s Own Ancestral Home Land, should understand “KILL THEM ALL”, include Americans.

One should really understand ones self. Makes getting through life so much easier.

Today, in what is facing America, and the rest of the world, but i address this to America first. Are you an American, or are you an egg sucking, baby sitter molesting, self righteous, family abusing, penny pinching, lying scum bag zionist USA International War Criminal?

Seems to me, once one identifies which one is, makes ones decisions much easier to make. Less stress!

If one decides one is An American, one needs to educate ones self in true history, to include true history of Washington DC, right up to the present. One needs to “gird their loins for battle”, so to speak. This battle, this war for American freedom from Zionism, will be won or lost in the minds, beliefs of Americans. If Americans were handed back their freedom at this point, no more informed, or learned than they are, (i did not say “schooled), they would trade it for a cold six-pack and half an hour with a warm body before the week was out. Much work to be done to prepare for freedom.

On the other hand, if one decides one is a USA zionist international war criminal, control freak, (and a scum bag!), ones choices are made much simpler also.

Comes down to this. What the hell is in it for me? I wonder if i can steal his shit without getting caught? If i get caught, do i have the pull to get my ass out of the sling?
Could go on and on about the “belief systems” of the zionist, too long!

Make it simpler still!

Am I an American, or a Zionist piece of pig shit?

Mr. and Mrs America!

There not a hell of a lot of time before the preverbal organic material, hits the propulsion system.

Good luck, and LEARN!

John C Carleton

Sometimes You Have To Swim the River When it is Flooding.

Looking back, i can see that fifteen was a pivotal stage of my life. Thats when i apparently started really thinking for myself. Did a lot of things that year. Lot of life changing things came to me that year, as planned for my training of who i was to be, by the Light, Mother Nature, the Universe, by what ever name you call that which is.

In the Texas hill country, grew up right between Hackberry and Bull Head creeks, about an eighth of a mile where they come together and form the Nueces River, which winds it’s way through Southwest Texas until it empties into the Gulf of Mexico at Corpus Christi, Texas.

These are hill country streams, and a wall of water twenty feet high can come down with the sun shinning if it has rained above you in the hills. Remember waking up many times to the sound that can best be described as a freight train. Knew i probably wasn’t going to school for a week or so, wasn’t going except up and down a couple of roads until you came to the next river or creek crossing.
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When the Only Way Down, is Up

Sometimes a human will start a new project, a new “life”, turning over a new leaf, a new marriage, get right in the middle of it, and decide maybe this was not the best idea after all!

Now what one does at this point, can make or brake the thing started, and determine what direction ones life takes after that point in time.

Now, i am perhaps the most pig headed person, i know, other than my wife and children, and grandchildren. My lessons have had to be harsh ones to get my attention, because i wanted to do things my way, and i did not want to change what i wanted to do. I have the scars. From the tips of my big toes, to the exact top of my head, i bare the scars of the reminders of lessons learned. And those are just the ones on the outside. I will say that all these scars are on my frontside.

I learned a valuable lesson when i was fifteen, before the lessons of the motorcycle wreak later that year.
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