Nobody For President

Disclaimer: The map above was accurate as of January 17th, 2017. Totals below were true at the time of writing but may no longer currently be accurate as additional votes and recounts are conducted.

Only 8 states + Washington DC, had high enough voter turnouts where one of the actual candidates won more votes than people who did not bother to vote. Iowa and Wisconsin for Trump and Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire and DC for Clinton.

A few other 2016 election facts for you:

  • As a percentage of eligible voters, Clinton received 28.43% (65,845,063) of all votes compared to Trump’s 27.20% (62,980,160) and Did Not Vote’s 44.37% (102,731,399).
  • Total voter turnout was estimated to be 55.3% of the voting age population and 59.0% of the voting eligible population.
  • It is the 5th election since 1820 when the winner of the popular vote lost the presidency (the others being 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000)
  • Donald Trump received 2,046,656 more votes than Romney did in 2012, but Hilary Clinton received 70,732 fewer votes than Obama did in 2012.
  • Neither Candidate even won a majority of votes cast, Clinton got 48.0% vs Trump’s 45.9%.
  • As a percentage of the entire US population (including those too young or other ineligible to vote) Clinton got votes from 20.30% of the population and Trump got votes from 19.41% of people.
  • Washington DC is the only area in the country where a majority of all eligible voters (whether they voted or not) voted for Clinton (90% of voters, voted for Clinton on a 55.7% turnout). In the other 6 states listed above, victories were simple pluralities.


Arizona Child Removed from Loving Family and Placed into Foster Care Where She Was Repeatedly Raped-Then Burned over 80% of Body -Health Impact News

Washington DC is Evil.

Each “State Government”, is a sub corporation of the Washington Dc corporation, and would not be allowed to exist if they did not carry out Washington Dc’s evil.

john C Carleton

There is a Great Evil Loose in Our World.

This evil is multi generational. It is being passes from Generation, to generation. The evil ones grow more open with their evil each day.

Take John McCain and his father. His father was the Admiral in charge of covering up the Israeli attack on the USS liberty, and the shafting of the USS Liberty crew, to cover up the fact that Israhell tried to sink the USS Liberty so that it could be blamed on Egypt. He was given a senate seat for his evil work of selling out Americans for the zionist.

The son, inherited that state seat, and has done more evil that the father ever thought of. John McCain is involved in the deaths of millions of innocent people. Dying of brain cancer, he still wants to start WW 3.

It is possible that LBJ was in on the planning, maybe the Israhellies did it because LBJ told them to. He recalled the USA planes going to their aid, and left them to die. And they would have if a Russian ship had not come to their aid.

This evil, is not all one organization. There are many different criminal organizations which associate and aid each other in their crimes against humanity.

USA is controlled by Israhell through blackmail and bribes. Israhell is controlled by the Rothschild clan, a more evil and despicable bunch of low lives would be hard to find.

USA controls much of the world through a combination of military force and economic blackmail.
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The Thirty Shekel Political Prostitutes Are Officially Bat Shit Crazy

Have known that for a long time. For someone who took to politics like a duck to water, been watching Washington DC and world events closely for forty four years.

Took me some years to figure out how it all works. Always knew how it was supposed to work, but that was a carefully crafted lie, to cover up the murders, theft, illegal wars. At least they were smart enough to keep the illusion alive.

In those forty four years, have seen the quality of people going to Washington DC ever so slowly, go from bad to worse. Guess when the gig is being a bitch for Israhell, not going to get quality people applying.

I was aware that Trump would never have been where he was, if he was not one of the boys, and they had dirt to hold over his head. Hillary however, was just too dirty, stupid and uncontrollable to allow her to set in the oval office.

Gadaffi used the wealth of Libya for the Libyan people. That pissed off the Usury bankers/elite, but what got him killed was he had plans to have a gold backed money for Africa.
US could not allow this, so some of the most evil sons of bitches, and bitches themselves, in the world, with so much blood on their hands, said he was a bad man. So the US destroyed Libya, stole their gold, had Gadaffi raped with a knife before being murdered.
They installed a puppet government now there is civil war.
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Putin Herded the US into an Impasse From Which There is no

Good read.

The dumb asses in Washington DC, congress/Pentagon, think, they will do this because that is what i would do in that situation.

You want to know what someone will do in a certain situation, you have to understand a people’s values, beliefs, culture.

Washington Dc in their own self adoration, understands nothing of Russia, Nothing of Syria, nothing of Afghanistan.

Not only are the ass wipes in Washington Dc not fit to rule, those not given fair trials and a fair hanging for international war crimes, pedophilia, murder, treason, deserve to serve the rest of their lives in prison, at hard labor.

There will be no peace in the world until the evil of Washington Dc is dealt with.

John C Carleton

Putin Herded the US Into an Impasse From Which There Is No Escape

Tens of Civilians killed, injured in US air raids in Eastern Syria-Farsnews

Remember, any US presence in Syria is an International War Crime.

Also keep in mind, that ISIS, and all the other names of the week that are used, are controlled by Washington DC/Tel Aviv. They were sent to murder Syrians by Washington DC/Tel Aviv.

Therefore comes as no surprise when the airfares of these two crime cabals murder Syrians in support of the terrorist which they themselves sent to Syria.

John C Carleton

To whom Do i Owe my Alligence

Have had the opportunity do a lot of genealogical research on my family origins.

Can take most lines back to at least the early colonization of North America with Europeans.

On most of those, a trip to France, England, Scotland, wales, Ireland, would fill in the missing two to four generations would need to satisfy myself to the unbroken continuing lines of old families. Not going to happen. Universe demands my attention on other things.

Some lines, can trace back to BC. several thousand years.
What i kept finding, was my direct ancestors killing my other direct ancestors in battles, and sometimes in snake pits, and drawing and quartering.

I come from the four winds and the seven seas.

So to whom, do i owe my allegiance?
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