Rome Has Fallen! Welcome to the Dark Ages Ruled by Cowardly Barbarians

Rome existed because of it’s Legions.

The Legions existed because of warrior family lines which served in the Legions.

It was those warrior lines which made the Legions, for a time, invincible, and allowed the Empire to be built.

When Rome became corrupted, the political whores serving their own self promoting interest, at the expense of the Roman people at large, there came a time when the corruption had worked it’s way down from the “leadership”, or “elites”, to the bottom.
Roman society went into a downward spiral.

When the corruption and wide spread ignorance of the Roman people reached monumental levels, these warrior lines looked around, and decided, neither the people of Rome, or Rome itself, was worthy of one more drop of their families blood.

These warrior lines, the men who had served in the legions, refused to send their sons and grandsons to serve.

The Legions of a corrupted, decadent empire, trying to survive for the sake of the political whore class, encouraged the immigration of any and all nomads and cast offs from other societies. With this and mercenaries they filled out the Legions.

These Legions did not fight for the glory of Rome, because of love of and loyalty to Rome. They had no love or loyalty to Rome. The history of Rome was not their history, and they had no emotional attachment to Rome. This showed in Battle. They were fighting for pay, and if you are dead, you can not spend it.

Rome fell and the European world would go through five hundred years of Darkness, Poverty, Death, Disease and barbarism.

Last night, in San Antonio Texas, political whores, against the wishes of the majority of people of San Antonio, took down an over one hundred year old memorial to Texas Confederate veterans who defended their country, State and families, from invading barbarians who were raping children and women, murdering them, burning crops, homes, churches, courthouses, outhouses, pig pins, barns, and stealing everything they could find.

Fuck San Antonio City Hall. Fuck the donkey their ancestors swam the Rio Grande on.

Fuck Washington DC/USA/Empire who instigated this same thing all over the South.

My family lines have been fighting the wars of this Empire from the French Indian wars, right on up through two of my brothers and myself.

Fuck the worthless American sheep.

The empire, the lazy, cowardly corrupt me first, massively ignorant sheep are not worth one more drop of my families blood.

Welcome to the fall of Rome.

Welcome to the rule of the barbarians.

Welcome American sheep, to the dark ages!

John C Carleton.

Time to Organize a Big Ticket Item Boycott of All Counties, Cities Which Have Lied About, and Dishonored the Confederate Soldier

Enough of this mickey mouse shit.

The late war of aggression, rape, theft, murder, arson, kidnapping and occupation of the Sovereign Southern people, by the Evil United States Army, was not about freeing black slaves. That is documented and provable to any open minded non biased person not using a lie they know to be a lie, for self serving political purposes. If they are ignorant of the truth, they should shut the hell up, resign from whatever government teat hanger position they fill, and go learn some damn True American History.

Lincoln himself, his documented words and speeches, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, he was rabid racist who plainly said that blacks were an inferior people, who should never be allowed to intermarry with whites, should never be allowed to vote, and belonged to an organization which tried to raise funds to ship blacks back to Africa, so they would not pollute the white race.

It is provable, that the reason the self righteous Puritan Yankees did not want slavery in the Western states and territories, because with slavery, came lots of blacks, and they wanted those areas reserved for whites only.

Lincoln Himself in a letter to the editor during the war, stated that if no blacks were present in Kansas for example, then they could not mix with the white race there and contaminate it.

Several Norther states had laws forbidding blacks from entering their States, or becoming citizens of that state.

Some time back, got my hands on some books about as rare as hens teeth. Compiled ending in 1942, but published in 1964, one volume on Southern Newspaper Editorials on Secession, and two volumes on Norther Newspaper Editorials on Secession, 1860-1861. Paid dearly for them. Never republished. One would think the history revisionist have been using them to start fires or something of the kind.

The Columbus Crisis, Feb. 7, 1861, is having a fit because 18 free blacks from Virginia were allowed into Ohio, and horrors, more said to be coming.

Chicago Daily Tribune, Dec. 18 1860. Editorial on how the confederacy would never be allowed to control the mississippi river and the mouth of the Mississippi, as the Confederacy could then do to the Northern States, what the Norther States had done to the Southern States for decades, bend them over financially, control commerce.

Editorial after editorial dealing with who was going to control the Mississippi and it’s mouth. I considered myself well read on the subject of Souther secession, but until i got these books, i had no idea the hugeness of this question in the reasons for the USA invading the South.

Letter from Gen. Sherman from Nashville, to Gen. John A. Logan, Chief of Staff.
“To secure the safety of the navigation of the Mississippi, I would slay millions-on that point I am not only insane, but mad.”

When the United States Army, burned Charleston, US troops raped black women to death.

The Rev. Mr. Connor, A Methodist minister whose personage was burned, emerged with a sick child wrapped in a blanket. A soldier seized the blanket. “No!’ Connor said, “he’s sick”. The solder tore the blanket off and threw it in the fire. “Damn you, ” he said, “One more word and i’ll throw the child after it”.
Sherman’s March, By Burke Davis.

In Colombia S.C., there was a convent, a school for young girls. The Mother superior had taught Shermans daughter, and thought Sherman would spare the convent. He told he would take care of things. He did. His soldiers broke in, stole everything of value, burned the convent. As the priest and Mother Superior, were trying to get the young girls to safety without them being gang raped by the United States Soldiers, the soldiers came up to mother superior, blew cigar smoke in her face, and jeered at her. “Wheres your God Now?’ Sherman is greater than him.”


Today. The Southern people are again being attacked by Washington DC. They never really stopped.

They occupied the South, at the point of a rifle, and crooked law. They taught their poison to our young, they brought their Puritan BS and adulterated Southern Churches with their zionist teachings. They forced their adulterated government on the Southern people. Now they are trying to erase the last memories of a free people who fought evil to be free, but lost. At the same time, they are forcing violence on the population.

Violence and hot heads in the street are not whats needed.
Hit them in their pocket book. If you are a Southern person, with honorable southern confederate ancestors, which the county, city where you reside, took a crap on your ancestors memories, by taking down flags, memorials, Boycott their ass. Do not buy any big ticket item in a town or county which calls your ancestors evil men for standing up to evil men who were raping and murdering their women and children. There are towns and cities, counties which have not allowed such cheap political shenanigans to be done in their cities and towns, Go there and buy that car, expensive electronics, heavy equipment, building materials.

To hell with the cites which shit on your ancestors. They don’t like your ancestors, guess they don’t want your money.

I personally will start organizing, a country wide, Southern at least, big ticket item boycott of Confederate haters cities and towns. Each area, needs to make a list of the surrounding cites and counties which are Confederate friendly, spend your yankee greenbacks there.

To hell with the places which took a dump on the memory of honorable men. Let them eat their self-righteousness when they get hungry and business is down, sales tax decline.

John C Carleton

San Antonio City Council is Stirring Racism, Going to Bring Violence to the Streets

I do not know if it is true, but the rumor mill has the CITY of SAN ANTONIO, removing a Confederate monument from Travis park Thursday night.

Political whores trying to buy illegal alien votes, who should not be voting in San Antonio, Texas anyway.

If not for the San Antonio Police Department, planning and keeping the un-permitted, bused in Antifa agitators away from the permitted Texas crowd in a rally for leaving the statue where it is, Charlottesville could have already happened here.

Not content with the negative press San Antonio has already gotten, world wide because City Council is trying to buy votes by craping on the memory of brave Texas who defended their country, State and families when invaded by a foreign enemy, who were raping their children, wives, sisters, mothers, murdering them a good bit of the time, burning their homes, churches, courthouses, hospitals, out houses, pig pins, stealing everything they could carry and destroying the rest. They burned crops and killed all the livestock they could not take with them. San Antonio mayor and city council are determined to bring race riots and violence into the streets of San Antonio.

Don’t remember who or where, but have seen, i believe on Facebook, the remark that if the blacks get this one taken down, then by god, someone would take down the MLK statue.

There has never been, as far as i know, any real problem in my time, between the blacks and caucasians in the city. Oh a few ass holes on both sides sure, always have some ass holes in any bunch, but not real trouble.

The Federal Government is behind all the Antifa bull shit, Soros is just the paymaster. The Federal government wants violence in the streets so they can declare martial law.

If they move that statue, they are going to start race riots in the streets of San Antonio. I would not put it past the feds to yank down the MLK statue driving a red neck truck flaying a Confederate flag.

My personal view is that i hope it does not happen. It is not San Antonio’s blacks that want this taken down, it is the political prostitutes at City Hall. I am an admirer of MLK, he put his life on the line for his people, he knew the Federal Government might kill him, and they did.

The King family sued the Federal Government in Civil court, for murdering MLK, and won.

San Antonio’s down town lives or dies by tourism and conventions.
You will see business’s going out of business all over down town if this gets to riots in the streets. No one will bring their children to go walk down streets they may get beat up or murdered on. Large conventions will look for a city which had the damn sense not to stir the shit trying to buy votes.

If they move that Statue, i have already told my wife, we will make all major purchase in another town, which did not shit on the memory of my and her ancestors and kin.

If they move it, i will personally organize a campaign to have people wanted the statue to stay, to boycott buying any major item in San Antonio.

Those on City Council stirring this pot, along with the mayor, are fools who will bring finical troubles to the city, along with violence.

I hope that the city can dodge violence and financial ruin brought by the political ambitions of un-honorable public teat hangers.

I do not have a good feeling on this.

John C Carleton

The So-Called American “Civil War” Was Not Over Slavery


Two days before Lincoln’s inauguration as the 16th President, Congress, consisting only of the Northern states, passed overwhelmingly on March 2, 1861, the Corwin Amendment that gave constitutional protection to slavery. Lincoln endorsed the amendment in his inaugural address, saying

“I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable.”

Quite clearly, the North was not prepared to go to war in order to end slavery when on the very eve of war the US Congress and incoming president were in the process of making it unconstitutional to abolish slavery.

Here we have absolute total proof that the North wanted the South kept in the Union far more than the North wanted to abolish slavery.

If the South’s real concern was maintaining slavery, the South would not have turned down the constitutional protection of slavery offered them on a silver platter by Congress and the President. Clearly, for the South also the issue was not slavery.

The real issue between North and South could not be reconciled on the basis of accommodating slavery. The real issue was economic as DiLorenzo, Charles Beard and other historians have documented. The North offered to preserve slavery irrevocably, but the North did not offer to give up the high tariffs and economic policies that the South saw as inimical to its interests.

Blaming the war on slavery was the way the northern court historians used morality to cover up Lincoln’s naked aggression and the war crimes of his generals. Demonizing the enemy with moral language works for the victor. And it is still ongoing. We see in the destruction of statues the determination to shove remaining symbols of the Confederacy down the Memory Hole.

Today the ignorant morons, thoroughly brainwashed by Identity Politics, are demanding removal of memorials to Robert E. Lee, an alleged racist toward whom they express violent hatred. This presents a massive paradox. Robert E. Lee was the first person offered command of the Union armies. How can it be that a “Southern racist” was offered command of the Union Army if the Union was going to war to free black slaves?

Virginia did not secede until April 17, 1861, two days after Lincoln called up troops for the invasion of the South.

Once people become brainwashed, especially if it is by propaganda that serves power, they are more or less lost forever. It is extremely difficult to bring them to truth. Just look at the pain and suffering inflicted on historian David Irving for documenting the truth about the war crimes committed by the allies against the Germans. There is no doubt that he is correct, but the truth is unacceptable.

The same is the case with the War of Northern Aggression. Lies masquerading as history have been institutionalized for 150 years. An institutionalized lie is highly resistant to truth.

Education has so deteriorated in the US that many people can no longer tell the difference between an explanation and an excuse or justification. In the US denunciation of an orchestrated hate object is a safer path for a writer than explanation. Truth is the casualty.

That truth is so rare everywhere in the Western World is why the West is doomed. The United States, for example, has an entire population that is completely ignorant of its own history.

As George Orwell said, the best way to destroy a people is to destroy their history.


Five hundred acres with a creek flowing by a hardened home in the middle, lengths marked off at hundred yard intervals, so i don’t have to guess at my elevation.

Thats what i long for.

Don’t have to associate with the sheep, except on rare occasions when i would be forced into the dens of craziness known as towns and cities for supplies.

My very DNA yarns for the mountains, the hills.

And here i am living in a flat land city.

This life is not about what we want. Its about what we need. Apparently before this life i full of myself volunteered for an assignment that i now find, i will do, but don’t especially like. The location and company makes me yearn for high places where hypocrisy and courts are far away things. So far back in the hills that the kings men are afraid to travel far enough in the wilderness to harass you.

When i was in the navy, had that problem.

“We need someone to drive tractor trailers loaded with bombs through questionable desert highways, in the middle of a war.”

Like a fool my hand would go up, “Hell, i can do that.”

I know my tendencies and character. I know what i value, and what i do not. Those things have changed with life lessons learned.

I except that if i was to have that five hundred acres, i would be tempted to say to hell with those ignorant sheep, i will just stay here.

That is not what i volunteered for, not what my duty is. Maybe next life i can be a hillbilly with the best land, highest on the mountain, sweetest honey on the mountain,the tamest goats, and a women who has as much disdain for pompous would be kings as i.

See what happens when you don’t learn to control your mouth and hand.

John C Carleton