Same Neck, Different Boot.

To the man who is being brutally oppressed by invalid “authority”, his main concern at the moment, is not which would be slave master has their boot choking the air off from his lungs.
It is getting one more breath of fresh freedom air into his lungs!

Let us take a swift look, so as to keep this a short read, at the history of the boots which have choked off freedom air from the lungs of Americans.
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Why The War Was Not About Slavery: Clyde Wilson

Conventional wisdom of the moment tells us that the great war of 1861—1865 was “about” slavery or was “caused by” slavery. I submit that this is not a historical judgment but a political slogan What a war is about has many answers according to the varied perspectives of different participants and of those who come after. To limit so vast an event as that war to one cause is to show contempt for the complexities of history as a quest for the understanding of human action.

But if you insist on a short answer solution as to what caused the war I will venture one. The cause of the greatest bloodletting in American history was Yankee greed and hatred. This is infinitely documented before, during, and after the war.


Zionist Flies off a Dead Rat, and Old Milwaukee Beer.

Sometimes truth comes to us in strange ways! I have a one year old boxer type dog. She loves to drag around dead animals until they are real stinky, then she eats them. Now i like her, but i don’t let her lick me on my face.

Being a preachers kid, i felt like i had a duty to live up to the reputation. The first beer i ever drank was a Schlitz. But the one that i most identify with in my youth, was Old Milwaukee. Lived in a dry county. Friends dad would buy a large stock of Old Milwaukee beer, and take to the ranch. When my brother and i picked him up, he would alway snitch a couple of six packs of warm Old Milwaukee beer. Hey, it was beer.

Tried beer all over the world, not crazy about American beers for the most part. Getting some good ones now. I do not drink a lot of beer now, but ever now and then i will get to thinking about that Old Milwaukee Beer, and go get one.

The other day i had one. The dog had a rotting rat. The flies were coming off the dead rat and trying to climb in my beer. I had a stainless steel bowl sitting there, so i turned the bowl upside down over my can of beer. This stopped the flies getting into my beer. The flies, insisted that the wanted to share their stinking rotten dead rat they had been wallowing in, by climbing in my beer. As i was watching them climb around the outside of the bowl, i saw the reflection of the sun in the stainless bowl.

It hit me like a revelation! The light, keeps the zionist flies off of dead rats out of our drink of life when we allow it!

That way we get to enjoy our drink of life with out the dead stench of Zionist evil.

The beer was not bad either, no zionist flies in it.

John C Carleton

How the Government Ruined U.S. Healthcare

Government’s meddling in the healthcare business has been disastrous from the get-go.

Since 1910, when Republican William Taft gave in to the American Medical Association’s lobbying efforts, most administrations have passed new healthcare regulations. With each new law or set of new regulations, restrictions on the healthcare market went further, until at some point in the 1980s, people began to notice the cost of healthcare had skyrocketed.

This is not an accident. It’s by design.


Donald Trump’s Whig Is Showing

The first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, warned that the “abandonment of the protective policy by the American Government [will] produce want and ruin among our people.”
Lincoln was right — and it is time we heeded his words. I am not going to let America and its great companies and workers, be taken advantage of anymore.

– Donald Trump

In channeling Lincoln, Trump underscored the reversion of the Republican Party to its economic roots which embraced protectionism, state-sponsored infrastructure spending, and central banking. While a new party in Lincoln’s day, its economic philosophy derived directly from the Whig Party and its champion, Henry Clay.
Thomas DiLorenzo’s excellent book, The Real Lincoln, chronicles and exposes the Republican-Whig economic platform, known then as the “American System.”

Truthdig and Their Zionist Pedophile Promoting Trolls, Have an Adverse Reaction to The Truth!

There is this little CIA Zionist Pedophile Promoting outlet called TRUTHDIG. Drilling beneath the surface of the headlines! Expert Reporting, they claim!

Wandered in there few years back, just make comments on the current propaganda piece, talk with Friends about it, point out the Zionist hypocrisy. Every single day, the Zionist Hazbara and CIA trolls came out to cheerlead whatever Zioninist propaganda Truthdig, through their house brand thirty shekel Zionist prostitutes, were pumping out presently. These little short, very unattractive creatures which live under the bridge over the preverbal creek, waiting to attack Billy Goat Gruff, and anyone who dares call BS on Truthdig’s brand of BS.

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Zionist Virus Infected Nanny Goat!

I believe the Zionist brain rot virus has jumped from the Human herd to the goat herd!

Have a nanny goat. She likes to have sex, she likes to eat, and thats all. When the results of having sex caught up with her, she dropped the baby on the ground in a cold puddle of water, walked over to a dry place, and never gave the baby another thought. Not a bit of maternal instinct, just wants what she wants, no matter who pays.

Think we might be facing an epidemic of Zionism jumping into the brains the animals that surround us. Have a Boxer dog. I think she has become infected with the zionist virus. She come dragging up a dead stinking rooster. I would be trying to drink my coffee, so i would walk away from where she was with the smell of death and rot. Oh no!. She would grab the stinking thing, bring it where i had moved, so i could enjoy the smell of rot and death with her.

This is like zionist. They want to do anything they want, whenever they want, without paying for their actions. They also are not happy if you give them an area where they can be alone with the smell of rot and death. They INSIST, nay they demand that you say they are normal, and you personally love the smell of rot and death!

I will keep an eye on this and report back. I am afraid the Zionist brain virus will jump to my turkeys and they will start raping, murdering and eating my baby chickens!

John C Carleton