The Confederate Monument Debacle.

After the official “Reconstruction” had ended ten years after the end of the USA Washington DC Federal Empire’s four years of murder, rape robbery and war crimes against both Confederate prisoners, and the civilian population, to include the wide spread rape and murder of children by Federal troops, the South and Washington DC struck a bargain. They would admit, that Souther Soldiers were honorable and brave, and the Souther boys would get on with life under Washingtons continued occupation of the Sovereign Souther States. Most Northerners did not realize that the DC pedophile beast occupied their States at the same time. The Southern boys, being the best fighters the country ever had, served in the empires wars.

Washington DC has broken that truce. They have fed a steady stream of BS and false history to keep the different areas and cultures divided and at each others throats. Washington has purposely, caused the Confederate monument controversy to keep the Southern people, running around in circles, jumping through Washington DC’s kangaroo zionist court, spending hundreds of thousand dollars in a loosing battle, (you are asking the people causing your monuments to be tore down, to please stop their henchmen from doing what the zionist want done). Spending precious time, not educating themselves on reality, truth, and who the damn enemies of America really are.
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Daddy Duties

A Daughter, son in law, moving. Daddy has the pick up Soooooooo!

Past couple of days i have reminded my wife that this one was her idea. Gonna take some aspirin for the knee before heading back into it.

Getting older is not really fun when the body refuses to do what it used too, at least not without a lot of protesting.

The alternative to getting old is dying young. I am to the place where when people ask me if i am having a good day, i tell them that any day one can get out of bed and get vertical, it’s a damn fine day!

Keep learning.

John C Carleton

Refighting the ‘Civil’ War

Lincoln Statue, Fasces. Lincoln Memorial.

People of sound mind and reasonable judgment in their personal lives take on characters full of unwarranted confidence and intolerant insistence in public.

The couple whose son has a “drug problem” wants the government to start a nationwide treatment program.

The guy who can’t get his town sanitation department to pick up the trash in front of his house wants to clean up a government on the other side of the world.

The woman who is not sure she will need an umbrella is convinced the planet is warming up.

It’s always easier to solve someone else’s problem than your own. That’s one of the great advantages of living overseas: Public life is full of other people’s problems.

Old Stones

Imagine if a group of Americans proposed to abolish the First Amendment, take away your favorite monuments, or introduce devil worship at your church.

You would be outraged.

But when similar outrages happen in a foreign language… they are mostly amusing and puzzling.

The show is a comedy, not a tragedy. As our friend Nassim Taleb puts it, we have no “skin in the game.”

Overseas, we lack the cues, the context, and the emotional connections to take them seriously.

We read the headlines; we shake our heads and smile. The local myths and mysteries have no power over us.

So it was that when a group of leftist demonstrators marched through Salta (Argentina) recently, we didn’t know what to make of it.

“What was that all about?” we asked.

Meanwhile, scuffles broke out in New Orleans. On one side were demonstrators eager to pull down the statues of war heroes Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and P.G.T. Beauregard. On the other side, demonstrators were there to protect them.

ABC News:

Multiple people were arrested on Sunday as hundreds of protesters clashed over the fate of Confederate monuments in New Orleans, police said.

Three protesters were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace on Sunday afternoon near Lee Circle in New Orleans after a fight broke out at a Confederate monuments demonstration, according to the New Orleans Police Department…

More than 700 people attended demonstrations on Sunday on both sides of the city’s plans to remove three remaining Confederate monuments.

Then, vandals defaced the monument to P.G.T. Beauregard, draping a sign on it that said: “This is historical violence, we say no.”

We’re not sure what that was supposed to mean. But we know where our sympathies lie: with the stones.

War of Liberation

Confederate General Robert E. Lee was one of the greatest soldiers in American history. Compared to him, the gilded generals now frequenting the White House—Mattis, McMaster, Kelly—are little more than paper pushers.

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Common Sense and the Manchester Bombing

Dr. Graeme McQueen, author of The 2001 Anthrax Deception, argues that the prime suspects in transformative, domestic terror cases, should be intelligence agencies.

Naomi Klein argues in The Shock Doctrine that when people are shocked by a real or man-made event, they can be easily manipulated to support wars, or neoliberal market schemes, or any number of toxic agendas.

A simple formula underpins the logic of synthetic terror operations: problem, reaction, solution. An analysis within this framework would look like this:

The problem for the NATO warmongers is that their terrorist proxies in Syria are losing, and they need more military support.

The public reaction that the warmongers want to elicit is shock, and fear.

The engineered solution is the militarization of society, and a corporatist, warmongering government.

Currently, the U.K is being militarized, and an escalation of war on Syria is being proposed.

This solution to the problem makes no sense, but apparently the agencies tasked with indoctrinating the public seek to exploit the public’s shock and its suspension of common sense.

The twisted logic is that terrorism is the problem, so we should therefore support more terrorism in Syria and the problem go away.

The alleged bomber was linked to al Qaeda forces that were NATO proxies in Libya as NATO criminally bombed that secular state into ruin for the benefit of terrorists.

Additionally, the alleged bomber has links to British intelligence services.

If the broad-based population were to decode the Manchester bombing within the aforementioned framework, common sense and reason would better inform their decisions.

Currently, common sense and reason are being suppressed by shock and panic …and the government.


Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered in the Wake of Terror Attacks

This article reviews the “mysterious” phenomenon of IDs and Passports of terror suspects routinely discovered (often in the rubble) in the wake of a terrorist attack.

In most cases the alleged suspect was known to the authorities.

Is there a pattern?  The ID papers of the suspect are often left behind, discovered by police in the wake of a terrorist attack.

According to government and media reports, the suspects are without exception linked to an Al Qaeda affiliated entity.

None of these terror suspects survived. Dead men do not talk.

In the case of the tragic events in Manchester, the bankcard of the alleged suicide bomber Salman Abedi was found in his pocket in the wake of the explosion. 

Legitimacy of the official stories? The UK is both a “victim of terrorism” as well as a “State sponsor of terrorism”. Without exception, the governments of the Western countries victims of terror attacks, have supported, directly or indirectly, the Al Qaeda group of terrorist organizations including the Islamic State (ISIS), which are allegedly responsible for waging these terror attacks. Amply documented Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA.

Below is a review of the circumstances and evidence pertaining to passports and IDs discovered in the wake of selected terror attacks, with links to Global Research articles and media reports (2001-2017). (This list is by no means exhaustive)



Parts of my family been kicking around Texas from the republic of Texas days, some came during the late war of aggression, gang rape of women, children, ministers daughters, nuns, and farm farm animals, theft, arson, desecration of the dead, desecration of churches, burning of convents, and occupation. One hundred and fifty one years of brutal occupation. After that war, a couple of lines came out of Arkansas to Texas, because Texas was wild and so big you could get lost from the evil zionist occupying yankee scum.

First cousin, a few times removed, died as a member of the Texas Rangers, fighting Indians, on the Nueces strip in 1851. I grew up part way, on the Nueces strip. In 1851, few people lived there, and they were the hard asses.

Spain formed San Antonio de Bexar, pronounced bear, by importing Canary islanders to start a colony. The Mexican people did not want anything to do with Texas. Damn hard work, very few cantinas, not a lot of putas. Took real men and women, and most Mexicans wanted nothing to do with it. There were some Mexican families, the ones with balls, who came to Texas and were very instrumental in taming the land, and fighting Mexico for independence.

Most of the Mexican descendants in Texas today, were the ones who did not have the balls to tame the land, to face danger, wild Indians, wild animals, hardships, hard work. They stayed in Mexico where the Mexican Army could protect them, putas were plentiful, the cervasa was cold, until the revolutions of 1910-17. Then thousands of these ball-less wonders, ran from fixing their own country, to the safety that the anglo immigrants had carved out of a wild and dangerous land, that their ancestors did not have the balls to face and tame.

Less respect for the later comers from Mexico.

One finds that the most vocal in in demanding rights and freebies, are the descendants of the ball-less wonders who would not come when it was dangerous, and ran from their own homeland when it became dangerous.

Anyone who wants to tell me Texas was stolen from Mexico can kiss my multi Texas line, multi generation ass.

Time to get rid of all this political correctness and zionist control freak BS.

Time to learn your real history Americans.

John C Carleton

Frankly, the Trickster Trumpster is Embarrassing the Hell out of Me

First off. I don’t participate in the USA sheep illusion that the dog and pony shows of elections mean a damn thing. I understand it is a phycological weapon used against the sheep, to give the sheep the illusion that they get to choose which slave master bends them over and does the doggy motion to their backsides.

Therefore,and for some more legal reasons, removed myself and any implied contracts, from the voting list well over a decade back.

I do not recognize any authority over me other than Natures Laws, Mother Nature, the universe if you wish, by what ever name one chooses to call that which is.

I am a living soul, living on the face of the Land of North America.
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Environmentalist are Ignoring the Elephant in the Room: U.S. Military is the Worlds Largest Polluter-Global Research

If the Greens really wanted to heal the earth, and humanity, they would be holding hands and blocking entrances to every USA Military installation in the world.

Sadly, most environmental organizations are Zionist funded and controlled, to keep humanity from actually stopping the corporations from raping the earth and humanity.

This is a well researched and written piece appearing at Global Research.

John C Carleton

Environmentalists are Ignoring the Elephant in the Room: U.S. Military is the World’s Largest Polluter

Ron Paul Warns Iran Is In The Crosshairs

Iran has been in neocon crosshairs for a very long time. U.S. Presidential Administrations come and go, Democrat and Republican, but the neocon script has remained the same.

President Trump, voted in as an “outsider,” has adopted the insider script.Today’s speech in Saudi Arabia was crafted by Trump’s neocon Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller.

Miller’s “long-time mentor” is David Horowitz. Here are Horowitz’s thoughts on Bush’s invasion of Iraq:

“Baghdad is liberated,” he wrote for his FrontPage Magazine in April 2003. “In the days to come let us not forget that if it were not for one man, and one man alone—George Bush—the people of Iraq would not be celebrating in the streets and pulling down Saddam’s statues today.

… We have entered the era of a new civil war between the forces of freedom and the powers of Islamo-fascist and communist darkness, and once again the left is clearly determined to take its stand on the other side. The good news is that America is back. Our military has performed superlatively. Our leadership has stood tall. We ourselves can celebrate over this and look confidently toward what lies ahead.”

Long story short…Trump may be a different face, but the neocon goal has remained the same.

Neocons are patient.

They always keep their eyes on the prize.


Neocons write the script.

Meanwhile, our lives, our safety, and (of course) our wallets are always at their beck and call.


America the Rude, Inapt, lazy, and Rudderless.

Americans have been dumbed down for generations by the Zionist evil of Washington DC. They have been fed a steady stream of BS, mocked and oppressed if they speak the truth. Their jobs have been stolen by the evil of Washington, so zionist owned international corporations can steal more wealth for zionist scum who already have more money than they could possible spend in their lifetimes.

Washington DC and the zionist scum who hold forth there, have made America a third world shit hole, and Americans some of the dumbest, most unmotivated, rudest, arrogant in their ignorance, herd animals on the face of the earth.

Even when the yolk of Washington DC’s slavery of the American souls, and America, is thrown off, it will take at least a couple of generations to start to get the country back on the right path to individuality, justice, being civilized.
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