The Terrorist Murdering Innocents in Syria, USA-Washington DC

The terrorist (military), of the USA Washington DC are in Syria, having illegally invaded in criminal aggression. They have murdered innocent children, mothers, fathers, brothers, grandmas grandpas, Syrian government military soldiers trying to defend the innocent children, mothers, fathers, grandmas and grandpas.

The pedophilic Uncle Sugar has big brass balls. He has dropped thousands of leaflets on advancing Syrian troops, to not liberate the area of Syria which they are illegally murdering Syrians in.
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The “National Debt”, is a Zionist Mind F##K


The is no such real thing as the USA National Debt. The key word is real. On paper, computers, sure, there are notations of debts owed. But are these real debts, or figments of diseased zionist pedophilic minds?

Jesus ran the money changers out of the Temple, for what the not Federal and no Reserve(s) has done to America.

There were two attempts before the not Federal and no Reserve(s), to make slaves out of Americans to bankers. Both were gotten rid of. The evil USURY bankers, bankrolled Woodrow Wilson’s presidential run. All he had to do in return, was betray America, and install a privately owned, parasitic “bank”, and get America into the Bankers world war when it rolled around. He betrayed Americans both times. When you have sold your ass to evil, evil calls the shots.
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ISIS is Washington DC/Tel Aviv, Washington DC/Tel Aviv is ISIS. Any Questions?

The in your face bald faced lying of the evil baby raping and murdering Zionist hand puppets which staff Washington DC and the nightmare of Tel Aviv has grown to the point where it is a daily fact of life, and must be addressed by Americans.

Americans have been force fed Zionist BS, fake history and outright lies for generations. It is understandable that the majority of Americans are woefully ignorant of the truth, facts of life and reality. It is a deficiency which must be alleviated.

Only by humility/self examination can Americans arrive at the truth. That is the part where one admits that the Evil of Washington, is well, evil. That the baby raping ingrates of DC, do not have the right to cause wars, murders, rapes, destruction of Nation States, just because they are greedy evil asses who want to.
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A Tale of Ladies and Gentlemen

My graduating class size was twenty one hillbillies. Everyone fought their friends sooner or later, and you were still friends. By the time Senior year rolled around, you had known most of these people all of your life.

Small schools. My high school principal had dated my sister when they were in school, and i got away with murder.

Father was country minister. He had grown up in one room schools. Even back when i was growing up, moved to a new place, you were going to have to fight some of the hometown boys to prove yourself.
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The Evil of Washington Which it is Trying to Blame on America for It’s Evil Actions

I have noticed a trend by the thirty shekel whores who write propaganda for the baby raping war criminals from Washington DC, the Evil zionist Empire.

In stores about the war crimes of the evil zionist scum bags who are occupying America, and holding Americans hostage, where USA, Washington DC, or UNITED STATES should be used in the story, they are inserting America, and Americas, like the guys drinking beer in the parking lot next to the store, ordered the war criminal USA military to invade Yemen and kill children, send ISIS to the Philippines, invade Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, murder millions of women and children.

Perhaps the people raping those little boys in front of their parents in Iraq, were not War Criminal USA soldiers, perhaps those American dudes drinking beer in the parking lot, got on a fast plane, snuck into a war zone, put on soldiers uniforms, infiltrated a Highly Secure USA military prison, raped the boys while filming it, got back into civies, caught a fast plane home to the parking lot in time for another round.
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National Debt – Keeping the Slaves on the Plantation

Society is directed by a never-ending mainstream narrative which is always evolving, and always reaching new dramatic peaks in sensationalism and hype. They fill your mind with topics they select, they keep your attention on these topics, and they invite and encourage you to argue amongst each other about these topics. In this way our collective attention is permanently commandeered, preventing us from diving too deeply into matters which have more than a superficial impact on day-today life.

Free-thinking is the ability and willingness to explore of ideas and areas of the mind which are yet undiscovered or are off-limits. It is a vanishing art that is deliberately being stamped out by a control system which demands conformity, acquiescence and obedience of body, mind, and spirit.

Who owns the money supply, and the world’s debt?

Pretty much the entire world is in financial debt, an insidious form of slavery which enables the exploitation of human beings and of all things in nature. It’s maddening when you think about it. The United States alone supposedly owes some $20 trillion, while the world at large owes a shocking $215 trillion?

But to whom, precisely?

Money is just a medium of exchange which facilitates transactions between people. In and of itself it has no intrinsic value as we could just as easily use sea shells instead of dollar bills and still be able to get things done. But today’s money is the property of private third-parties who rent it out to national governments, who then use the labor of their citizens as collateral against these loans. This is a highly refined form of slavery, which has already put future unborn generations of human beings in debt.

But who, exactly does the human race owe? Who are our debt-slave masters?


Memorial Day, 2017, America

The young believing, trusting me went off to war.

He died there.

The me that came back, was much more worldly, experienced. On the occasions, during Desert Shield/Desert Storm, when i got to see a television, CNN is all i remember, of USA political whores, generals to include Schwarzkopf who lied their asses off to America.

The war they told the sheep back home of, little resembled my life in the big kitty litter box. When you are living the war, and the are lying it about it back home, either you have to shove your head further up your ass, or face the truth.
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