Fake News Used to Justify All Out War: The Bosnian Serb “Death Camp” Fabrication. Pretext for R2P “Humanitarian intervention” (1992) in Yugoslavia-Global Research

Did not get mixed up in this one directly. Was a Navy Seabee at the time, and the Navy had this lieutenant was going around to the commands, selling the official story about this illegal war crime.

He gave his spill, bad Serbs just murdering the hell out of the angelic Bosnians. Thousands and thousands in mass graves.

After it was over, i walked up to him and said:
Now, you and i both know there was not but about five hundred deaths there last years from this, about half were trying to kill each other, and the other half was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. SO whats up with this?

He looked at me and said:
It is my job.

Good read.

John C Carleton

Fake News Used to Justify All Out War: The Bosnian Serb “Death Camp” Fabrication. Pretext for R2P “Humanitarian Intervention” (1992) in Yugoslavia

UK minister forced to resign over secret Israel meetings as questions continue to swirl-Mondoweiss

She should be given a fair trial, and a fair hanging.

Just because someone does not pull the trigger themselves, does not absolve the individual of the guilt and responsibility of the ramifications of their actions when innocents are murdered, because of said actions.

Fuck Israhell!

I am an American.

John C Carleton


The Myth of European Democracy: A Shocking Revelation-Stratigic Culture

When a piece of evil shit like Soros, is allowed to jet around the world, without being arrested, given a fair trial, and a fair hanging, it is easy to understand, the “governments” which refuse to arrest, try and execute this evil son of a bitch, are evil themselves.

Birds of a feather!

John C Carleton


The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade-Global Research

American children were sent to murder innocent people, in a foreign land, which had not attacked America, so the “elite”, politicians, pedophiles, Usury bankers, could steal the wealth of the country, and get those illegal drug profits going into their pockets again.


John C Carleton


America Has Been at War 93% Of The Time-222 Out OF 239 Years-Since 1776-GLOBAL RESEARCH

Time to stop this shit, fair trials and fair hangings for all the pedophiles, war criminals, Usury bankers who have caused all of this.

No sense digging up the bones of the dead USA/Washington DC criminals, but the live ones are picking the bones of the American people, and using American children for sex toys and cannon fodder.

This must stop!
Expedient fair trials and fair hangings!

John C Carleton

America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776

Celente-This Event Will Trigger Oil Spike Over $100 A Barrel in a Matter of Weeks, Igniting Gold and Cryptocurrencies-King World News

Back around 1976, i was already trying to convince people the country had to stop borrowing and spending, or the criminals in Washington DC would eventually do one of two things.

Outright default on all debts and obligations.

Hyper-inflating the fake dollar to the point, where creditors receive worthless paper for pay offs.

I tried to tell Americans either avenue would wipe out the middle class, and all their savings.

The ass holes in Washington DC have decided to party on, and choose the Hyper-inflation rout of stealing all of the American peoples savings and future.

To be truthful, i thought they would not get to this point in my lifetime, crime in high places however, is like a snowball rolling down a mountain side on it’s way to hell. Picking up weight and speed with ever yard it travels down hill.

Not a whole lot of time left, two years max, till the dollar is so worthless people use them to wipe their asses on, as they are not worth enough to buy butt wipe paper.



John C Carleton

Celente – This Event Will Trigger Oil To Spike Over $100 A Barrel In A Matter Of Weeks, Igniting Gold & Cryptocurrencies