Clashing with the Jewish state: ultra-orthodox Israelis who reject Zionism-Mondoweiss

Personally have no use for any organized religion. Religion, is not the same as spirituality. Organized religion, is responsible for millions and millions of innocent people being murdered. Spirituality, like sex, is best carried out in private. However, trying to lump all people together who come under the umbrella of a general organized religious name, […]

i Killed Bozo the Clown

i did not physically kill him, but i maintain i am responsible. On March the 11th, i did the dastardly deed which did the jokester in! i then wrote a short piece about the deed. A week later, at 89 years old, Bozo the clown dies. Oh i know some say of old age, but […]

In the occupation, slapping a soldier is worse than killing a Palestinian-Mondoweiss

If the Turkmen/Slavic Eastern European invaders and occupiers would go back to Russia and Ukraine, from whence came their ancestors, and some straight from Russia themselves, then the invaders would not be murdering the indigenous Palestinians, and the Palestinians would not have to slap/throw rocks at the invaders. Amazing how simple all the answers are […]

Abbas calls US Ambassador to Israel ‘son of a bitch,’ ambassador accuses Abbas of Antisemitism-Mondoweiss

Well, Abbas is right. He is a son of a bitch. He is there from the USA, to Fk the Palestinians. And how the hell, does telling the truth about the evil descendant of Eastern Europeans, Turkmen/Slavic peoples from the Steeps of Russia and Ukraine who have invaded/occupied Palestine, Holocusted the Palestinian people, translate into […]