Hellstorm: The Documentary-Youtube

My ancestors fought the British in the first American war for freedom. My ancestors fought in the second war for American Freedom against the pedophilic scum of the zionist puritan yankee Washington DC. My family lines have fought the wars of the USA after that, as conquered peoples served in the Roman Legions, which had […]

Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Says U.S. Plunge Protection Team Orchestrated Today’s 17 Minute Raid in the Gold Market-King Wold News

For any of you have not heard of it, the “Plunge Protection Team”, is a USA team, which when the markets are taking a shit, throws paper, gold, silver, currency, into the markets to stop the corrections which would be necessary to start to un-fuck the American economy after 104 four years of Usury Zionist […]