Forget Russia-Here’s How Much Israel is Spending to Influence American Politics- Information Clearing House

Israhell, blackmails US political whores to give 8 Million Dollars A Day, to the little crime cabal occupying Palestine, Holocusting the indigenous Palestinian people. The homicidal psychopaths, then use money stolen from the American worker, to bribe political whores, to fuck America, Americans, for the benefit of the war criminals which make up the fanatical […]

MAJOR ALERT: Greyerz Says One of Two largest Banks in Switzerland Just Refused to Hand Over Clients Physical Gold. Even More Surprising is What The Client Did Next-King World News

The Great sheep BBQ grows nigh! Folks, things are getting dicey. There is not much more time to get ready. John C Carleton MAJOR ALERT: Greyerz Says One Of The Two Largest Banks In Switzerland Just Refused To Hand Over Clients’ Physical Gold. Even More Surprising Is What The Client Did Next