American Legion calls for Full Investigation Into Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty

Israhell is the puppet master, causing all those Washington DC whores to bend Americans over and sodomize them. Sorry, the truth hurts zionist christians taught that that Israhell can do no wrong. Your damn priest and preachers have been lying to you. John C Carleton American Legion calls for full investigation into Israel’s attack on […]

Wide Spread Corruption in San Antonio School Districts Reflects on the Institutionalized Corruption and Lack of Ethics of City Hall

San Antonio Could Give Mexico City a run for corruption. San Antonio used to be a good place to live. Then it was overrun by economic refugees from a corrupt and failed system in Mexico. These people being brilliant, wanted to install the failed and corrupt Mexican way of doing politics and business, so they […]

Time to Organize a Big Ticket Item Boycott of All Counties, Cities Which Have Lied About, and Dishonored the Confederate Soldier

Enough of this mickey mouse shit. The late war of aggression, rape, theft, murder, arson, kidnapping and occupation of the Sovereign Southern people, by the Evil United States Army, was not about freeing black slaves. That is documented and provable to any open minded non biased person not using a lie they know to be […]