911-Israel did it

Anyone who is not purposely keeping themselves ignorant of the facts, knows that the Bush Jr. Whitehouse, key members of congress, FBI, CIA, conspired with Israhell to attack America on 9-11. John C Carleton https://wikispooks.com/wiki/9-11/Israel_did_it

The Reason, LAW ENFORCMENT, are Murdering Americans, is Because Thats What Washington DC/Your Congress People/President Wants to Happen

If the Federal Empire, Washington DcC/USA, Did not want “LAW ENFORCEMENT”, raping, robbing, kidnapping, holding for ransom, beating, murdering Americans, it would not be happening. Every time you see where an American has been assaulted by the Washington DC goons, (this includes what most consider “local” LAW ENFORCEMENT), you should really sent a thank you […]

The Terrorist Murdering Innocents in Syria, USA-Washington DC

The terrorist (military), of the USA Washington DC are in Syria, having illegally invaded in criminal aggression. They have murdered innocent children, mothers, fathers, brothers, grandmas grandpas, Syrian government military soldiers trying to defend the innocent children, mothers, fathers, grandmas and grandpas. The pedophilic Uncle Sugar has big brass balls. He has dropped thousands of […]