USA Corporation,and their State Sub Corporations, Must be Banned from Buying or Possessing Fire Arms

Want gun legislation that saves millions of Innocent lives? Me Too! So you USA sheep who worship big Washington DC government, need to each call/write, your President, House of Representatives members, senators, local newspapers, television station. Demand that all firearms owned by the USA and it’s sub corporations, be turned over to the taxpayers who’s […]

Vietnam Shows How To Clean Up The Banking System: Ex-Banker Sentenced To Death For Fraud-Zero Hedge

When the Usury bankers in Iceland crashed the economy, Iceland threw the criminal bankers in jail, their economy started growing and recovering without the Usury bankers playing their games. You will find in the story, the criminal banker type Viet Nam is going after, may be for political reasons. Oh well, hanging a Usury criminal […]