America Betrayed-Darkmoon.

Fuck Israhell! I Am an American! America first! Now, not that the average Judaic fanatical religious cult member in occupied Palestine, does not deserve the karma they have coming, But the word is Zionist. I don’t care what color, nationality, gender, religion, a zionist is an evil piece of shit which will never live in […]

Israel will get ‘more understanding’ from trump’s negotiators because they are all observant Jews, Sharansky says-Mondoweiss

Houston! We have a Problem! Fuck Israel. I am an American! America first! Anyone allied with the enemies of America the land, and America the people, is my enemy. I keep noticing, Washington DC is the bitch of the main enemy of Americans! Ok, Fuck Washington DC! Both “parties”! I am an American! Americans first! […]

Vincent-Don Mclean-YouTube

One of the beautiful songs which touch each of our souls. There are scars on all of our hearts, frustration at trying to share a truth the people refuse to hear. Hang in there! There is no other choice except surrender to the troubles and trials of this world and life. Surrender is unthinkable! “Damn […]

The Dog That Didn’t Bark-The Unz Review

Here there is clearly a government which is stealing from people for the sake of the government, torturing people, depriving them of their freedoms for political reasons. What is that deafening silence coming from Washington DC? You know, the evil sons of bitches keep going around bombing countries and their populations back to the stone […]