EPA Knew Fracking Chemicals Were Toxic, But Approved Them Anyway

USA HAS EASIEST TO BUY POLITICAL PROSTITUTES WHICH HYPER INFLATING FIAT CURRENCY CAN BUY The Ole Dog! Internal documents obtained by Physicians for Social Responsibility reveal that between 2010 and 2020, fossil fuel corporations injected into the ground potentially carcinogenic chemicals that can degrade into PFAS, or “forever chemicals,” after Obama’s EPA approved their use […]

“Vaccinated” Pelosi Aide, White House Official Who Welcomed Home to DC Demophile yankee Carpetbaggers/Scalawags From Occupation “government” Abusing Texicans in Occupied Republic of Texas, Test Positive For Mythical Not Scientifically Proved to Exist “COVID-19” “Virus”

Benny Hill was a funny as hell English comedian. I recall seeing a skit where he played both the father and the son. As Son in little Childs voice: Father, this politician says this, that politician says that. They can not both be telling the truth. Tell me father, which politician is lying? As father, […]

Six White Horses-Tommy Cash

God has always sent beings to help humanity. Not the “perfect” no sin beings humanity envisions in their misunderstanding of reality. But beings who are learning through mistakes the same as the humanity they try to help. Humanity usually helps the jackals farming the sheep for perverse pleasure and profit kill the ones God sends […]

LYING A$$ED CHILD MASS MURDERING CDC DIRECTOR Rochelle Walensky Lies to America Announcing Latest “Pandemic” – “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”

by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News “Pandemic” is the new word the Globalists love to use for controlling the masses through fear. And why not, since they had such great success in using it last year to destroy tens of thousands of businesses, drive record rates of suicide among children, get hundreds of millions […]