THOU SHALL NOT PISS ON THE FBI’s FALSE FLAG GUN GRABBING PARADE-Mom who was cuffed by cops before she managed to jump the fence and save her son and his friends from Uvalde gunman claims she is now being harassed by officers

For all you sheep out there bleating angrily while pooping your wool the FBI would not murder little children, allow me to relate something which happened back in 1993 while you had your heads waaaaayyyyyyy up your sheep asses. The FBI, founded and run for decades by a closet cross dressing pedo tranny J.Edgar Hoover […]

‘Shall we take our clothes off?’ (OTHER THAN WHEN THE PEDO’S ARE RAPING LITTLE CHILDREN) UK PM asks G7 leaders

Boris Johnson and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau joked about exposing their dicks. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the opportunity on Sunday to jokingly argue over whether they should undress, with Johnson saying that showing off his “pecs” would make him appear “tougher than Putin.” As Johnson and Trudeau […]

The Same People Who Said ‘2 Weeks to Flatten the Curve’ Claim Nat’l Red Flag Laws Won’t Be Abused

On March 16, 2020, the Trump administration released a 15-day plan to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the US. It would take nearly 700 more days, 2 presidents, trillions of dollars, $7 gas, runaway inflation, and countless stolen rights before most Americans could experience some semblance of freedom again. All the rights stolen, […]

‘This ruling changes nothing in Minnesota’-States Rights From yankees, How Hypocritical Can Ya Get?

“Let me be very clear: This ruling changes nothing in Minnesota today, tomorrow, or as long as I am governor. We will not turn back the clock on reproductive rights.” Now that you God Damned yankees, (thats not cussing, puritan “witch” burning, Southern child gang raping till death yankees have been damned by God for […]

British journalist Worried About Guns & The Safty Of Children Should Campaign To Have British “royals” and Parliament Arrested for Assaulting Children With Their Guns

Know why the British Fake “royals” and British politicians wear kilts? Little Children and sheep can hear zippers! THE STRANGE STORY OF THE QUEEN AND THE CHILDREN WHO ‘DISAPPEARED’ Seems to me this butt ugly rude inbred British Bitch has a Lot of “Guns” to take away from a lot of British baby rapers […]

DC Politicians Who Rape Children Demand Hands Biden Help Women Kill Their Children, But Not Stop Pedophilia

“Pro-abortion protesters sprung to action, deploying posters which read “Bans off my Body” and other slogans.” Little children should be demonstrating around the White House and halls of congress with signs that say HANDS (and dicks) OFF OF & OUT OF MY BODY! The Ole Dog! Democrats are seething with rage over Friday’s 6-3 majority […]