Kosovo, America’s Mafia State: The US and the EU support a Political Process linked to Organized Crime -Global Research

Don’t make me happy to say it, believe me. But i have said for sometime. If it is evil, corrupted, vial, disgusting, immoral, criminal, deviant, disruptive of humanity, disruptive to nature, deranged, insane, Washington DC/USA, is up to their eye balls in it. John C Carleton Kosovo, America’s Mafia State: The US and the EU […]

Zionist Hazbara Troll Has a Melt Down

Watching someone have a meltdown is not a fun thing, even when they are an evil ass hole. Ever wonder, just what leads to someone, loving evil so much, loving raping children so much, loving blowing people up so much, loving a world shit so much, loving causing grief so much, that each and every […]

US Setting Up Military Base in Syrian Province Of Raqqah-Information Clearing House

Syria is a Sovereign Nation, recognized as such by the international community, less the zionist war criminal. US, has not been invited by the international recognized Syrian Government, to have even one military person in Syria. Syria has not attacked America, Americans, or the USA/Washington DC crime family. Thus, US having troops in Syria, shooting […]