The Ole Dog! making a List of Treasonous Blackmailed With Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Videos Rothschild’s Bit#hes, Checking It Twice, Finding Out Who’s Naughty or Nice

The Shit is going to hit the fan. World wide but the American countries (states) illegally occupied by the UNITED STATES CORPORATION is where it will probably be the roughest. Many Killer Jabbed sheep will not have to worry too much about the collapse as they are dropping like flys attracted to a bug zapper. […]

FBI-FALSE FLAGS R Us-Announces Plans For Another False Flag To “Justify More Communistic Jack Booted S#it

The FBI’s director claims that he needs to carry out Unconstitutional warrantless mass surveillance to defeat the alleged threat of a FBI run “coordinated attack” on the US, similar to the CIA/Mossad run Crocus City Hall massacre near Moscow last month. Speaking at a budget hearing on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Wray told Mossad Jeffry’s […]

“COVID-19”, “BIRD FLU”, “SWINE FLU”-The Preventive For All These Is To Convene Nuremberg Tribunal Courts, Give Fair Trials, Fair Hangings To All Lying assed “Elites” and Their 30 Shekel Minions

Want to stop all these wars, Scamdemics, the systematic culling of the human herd and the turning God’s wonderful Nature into a 3ed world shithole planet? Convene Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law Courts worldwide. arrest, give fair trials followed by fair hangings to all evil bribed and blackmailed with Mossad jeffery Child Rape blackmail videos evil […]

Jews who vote Democrat ‘should have their head examined’ – Trump The Republican has accused President Joe Biden of “abandoning” Israel-What about America Trump?

Jews who vote Democrat ‘should have their head examined’ – Trump. The Republican has accused President Joe Biden of “abandoning” Israel Former US president and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday suggested that Jewish-“Americans” would be insane to vote for his rival in November. Trump held a press conference on the tarmac of […]