White supremacy ‘most dangerous threat’ to US – Biden-No hands all over little girls Biden, Zionist Zombie Virus Host Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Mongrel Khazarians Are

Hands Biden may be the most dangerous threat to innocent little girls in America But Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Mafia Israhell Firster Jews are the most dangerous threat to America and Americans And the world and to humanity. And these Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarians ain’t “white” Hands all over little girls […]

Build A Wall Along The Kalifornia Border

Build a wall along the Kalifornia border. The problem with Kalifornians are they are descendants of yankee carpetbagger communist. They have f##ked California up beyond repair. So they leave, invade non yankee communist countries, bring their yankee communist ways with them and start trying to f##k up these countries up beyond repair. Escape from California, […]

French Catholic church to USE THE VATICAN’S MULTITUDE of CHILD RAPING PRIEST to PUSH “DIGITAL IDS” Instead Of Obeying Jesus, Tying a Millstone Around the Child Raper’s Neck And Throwing Em in the Deep End

The scannable ID cards will help to identify blacklisted priests. The French Catholic Church of Pedophilia will have all of its bishops, priests, and deacons carry ID cards with QR codes in order to “shield” children from child rape at the hands of pedo priest. It is FACT when you obey Jesus’s COMMAND, execute those […]

The Brutality of Slavery

Murray N. Rothbard Until the 1670s, the bulk of forced labor in Virginia was indentured service (largely white, but some Negro); Negro slavery was negligible. In 1683 there were 12,000 indentured servants in Virginia and only 3,000 slaves of a total population of 44,000. Masters generally preferred bondservants for two reasons. First, they could exploit […]

Washington accused Tehran of seizing multiple foreign oil tankers-Just Like The USA Has Been Doing

“Iran’s unwarranted, irresponsible and unlawful seizure and harassment of merchant vessels must stop,” Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, who leads the 5th Fleet naval forces, said in a statement on Friday. Of course he thinks the USA should be allowed to keep pirating multiple tanker ships carrying Iranian oil. Luke 6:31 “And as ye would that […]

Homeless vets are being booted from NY hotels to make room for migrants: advocates

‘The Veteran Lay Dying on the Filthy Washington DC Street’ The Veteran lay dying on the filthy Washington DC street- As the Veterans Administration Administrator walked around his feet- The VA bureaucrat looked at at the “bum” with self-righteous distaste- Wishing these Street people would learn their place- Why they had to be here to […]


How many articles with scientific proof of mass murder via syringes loaded with a death dart which is not a vaccine for a non existent virus does it take before the sheep understand those they vote for murdered their kids, parents, spouses, brothers and sisters? How many times after the instigated wars are over and […]