MAJOR ALERT: Greyerz Says One of Two largest Banks in Switzerland Just Refused to Hand Over Clients Physical Gold. Even More Surprising is What The Client Did Next-King World News

The Great sheep BBQ grows nigh! Folks, things are getting dicey. There is not much more time to get ready. John C Carleton MAJOR ALERT: Greyerz Says One Of The Two Largest Banks In Switzerland Just Refused To Hand Over Clients’ Physical Gold. Even More Surprising Is What The Client Did Next

America’s Renegade Warfare. Is the USA Guilty of Genocide-Global Research.

Hell Yes! Genocide against the American natives. Genocide against the Southern people. Genocide against the Philippine people. Genocide against the Korean people. Genocide against Viet Nam’s people. Genocide against the Iraqi people. Genocide against the Afghan people. Genocide against the Libyan people. Genocide against the Syrian people. Genocide against the Yemen people. And continued, genocide […]

The Truth About The Civil War-Youtube

The zionist Puritan bull shit and lies about the war crimes of the United States against the Sovereign States and Southern people, will not stand the light of the truth. Steve Piecezenik, former Assistant Secretary of State, tells the truth about the War Criminal Abraham Lincoln and the lies of the United States government. John […]