‘Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe and Effective is Lying’- Paperback – March 27, 2019 The facts about vaccination – so that you can make up your own mind. Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA has been researching and writing about vaccines for 50 years. He has lectured doctors and nurses on the […]

After Mossad’s Child Rape Madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s Insultingly Low Sentence, Lawyers Demand FBI Go After Mossad Jerffery’s Epstein’s Child Raping Clients

On Tuesday, as TFTP predicted, Ghislaine Maxwell was handed down a sentence that was 30 years less than prosecutors were asking. Thanks to U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan — who has been granting Maxwell special treatment throughout her prosecution — Maxwell could be out of prison in less than a decade with good behavior. As […]

In Australia When The Gastro Forced Killer Jabs on Everyone, Babies Being Born with Suppressed Immune Systems From Killer Jabbed Mothers Are In Deep Trouble

It’s a MYSTERY why otherwise healthy killer jabbed folks are dropping like flies. It is a MYSTERY why each Jab forced of children, the number which die goes up?????????? It is a MYSTERY why the more you killer jab folks, the more folks die???????? The people cobbling together the “IT IS A MYSTERY” articles about […]

Biden Holds Post-NATO Press Conference

Hands all over little girls Biden is so senile he can not remember which little girls in a crowd he has felt up already. Do you REALLY think they allow this drooling old pedoist fool’s hands anywhere near the nuclear football? His handlers come in and he is punching numbers into the Nuclear Foot ball. […]

Latest Survey Shows The Killer Jabs Are Working-At Least ~750,000 Dead in America Alone

Executive summary Our latest poll is devastating for the official narrative: a 6.6% rate of heart injury (>10M Americans) 2.7% are unable to work after being vaccinated (>5M Americans), 6.3% had to be hospitalized (>10M Americans) you were more likely to die from COVID if you’ve taken the vaccine. Almost as many (77.4%) households lost […]

Jabbed people Dropping Like Flies

Comedian Nick Nemeroff’s family announces his shock death as tributes pour in for the 32-year-old who ‘lived his life doing what he loved’ Mystery as American jet ski world champion dubbed ‘Eric the Eagle’ is found floating dead in the water near his undamaged Kawasaki off the coast of Guadeloupe after ‘disappearing’ during a […]