“The 20th anniversary of the U.S.-British war on Iraq, which was also supported by NATO partners, should be an occasion for proper accounting with Nuremberg-standard war crimes prosecutions of American and British political and military figures. Persons such as George W Bush, the former U.S. President, and Tony Blair, the ex-British premier, should be facing […]

US Tells Serbs to Just Shut the Hell Up Over US’s Illegal War Crime Bombings of Serbia and Holocaust of Serbian Civilians In US War Crime Bombings

In a carefully worded statement to the public on Friday, US ambassador in Belgrade Christopher Hill commented on the 78-day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia by calling on the Serbs to build a “better future” together with Washington. “I offer my personal condolences to the families of those who lost their lives during the wars of […]

US CORPORATION Illegally Occupying Syria, Holocausting Syrians While Stealing Syria’s OIL Is Prepared to Use Illegal War Crime Force to Protect its War Crime Criminals Illegally Occupying Syria the US CORPORATION’s “president” has said

US [CORPORATION] President Joe [hands all over little girls] Biden has commented on [ILLEGAL WAR CRIME] airstrikes carried out by the US [ILLEGAL OCCUPATION WAR CRIMINALS] in Syria in response to a deadly drone attack on a [ILLEGAL] coalition [OCCUPATION] base, which Washington blamed on Iranian [IRAN IS LEGALLY IN SYRIA, INVITED BY THE DULY […]