Small Projectiles delivered at High Velocity

I have always liked large caliber weapons.
If I shoot something or someone and they do not fall in their tracks I am inclined to walk around behind them and see what’s propping them up.

But in the coming death of the Zionist US Empire, rather than armies fighting in open spaces there will be more homeowners trying to protect their homes and families from gangs of roving criminals until a new form of governance can be worked out.

In densely packed areas with houses in every direction one must fire at evil ass holes, large caliber high velocity rounds will go right through the ass holes, can go right through the wall of other homes and kill innocent people.

I have come to prefer pump shotguns and smaller caliber weapons for home defense in urban areas.

A .223 caliber or 5.56×45 nato round in 50 0r 55 grain with a boat tail hollow point slug or a lead tipped hunting round moving at 3325 FPS or a bit less for the 55 grain will do a lot of damage and at the same time not be as likely to go through several wall and hit someone not aimed at like a 30-06, 30-30, 308 Winchester (7,62×51 mm) or similar rounds.

Velocity is what tares shit up.
A large slow moving round will not do the same damage as the same projectile at high velocity.

A .22 rimfire will not do the same damage as a .22 caliber round driven by a hell of a lot more powder in a .223 round with high velocity.

The death of empires are nasty business.
I have from being in high school tried to warn the sheep of what was coming but they are sheep

who worship the US Corporation as a god, who believe anything and everything the child raping treasonous political whores from Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac tell them.

Shit is coming.
It has gone too far.
Collapse can not be stopped.

If you are not a sheep, want to get your family through this Zionist prepared shit show, you had best stop watching politicians and their minions to see who can tell the biggest lie and get your ass ready, prepare the defense of your perimeter.

The Ole Dog!

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