Prosecutors (some who may be on Mossad Jeffry’s list of pedophiles) Knew Trump’s Bestist Buttie Epstein Raped & Pimped out Underage Girls Years Before Plea Deal, “Outrageous” Transcripts Reveal

Mossad Jeffery Epstein

ran a Mossad Blackmail Honey Trap where politicians

were allowed to rape children while the rapes were secretly recorded so the scum bag baby rapers could be blackmailed to commit treason against America/Americans for Rothschild’s IsraHELL’s benefit.



A transcript of court proceedings have come to light


Which proves that DC/US was fully aware of this Mossad Operation long before Mossad Jeffery was slapped on the wrist and given a sweetheart deal which turned him back loose to continue to pimp children for rape purposes to presidents, judges, generals and members of congress.

And you think you are going to vote the intentional destruction of America away by voting for canadates being blackmailed by Israel with child rape videos?

The Ole Dog!

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