Klaus Schwab Says Humanity Must Be “Forced Into Collaboration” With Globalist Elites, The Ole Dog! Says Hang All Their Pedo Asses & Peace Will Break Out

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab told delegates at a conference in China this week that humanity needs to be “forced into a collaboration” with globalist entities.

Crimes against humanity, starting bull shit wars, Holocausting millions of humans with a Killer Jab for a non existent “virus” are all hanging offenses.

Instead of allowing evil child raping

and mass murdering ass holes to force what humanity the “elites” have not mass murdered already into perpetual slavery to child raping Usury war mongering perverted ass holes, Humans just need to Convene Common Law Courts, give the Pedo war crime committing mass murdering “elite” ass holes fair trials followed by Fair Expedient hangings

and all this evil Mickey Mouse shit will come to a screeching halt!

The Ole Dog!

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