Flying the Last Flag Real Americans Fought For Freedom From Evil Tyrants Under

When it comes to the first American Revolution for freedom from evil tyrants my family lines are well represented.

My 2nd cousin George Washington was commander in Chief of the American army.
Under him served my 3ed great grandfather Carleton.

He was at Valley Forge, wounded at the Battle of Brandywine.
His son, my 2nd great grandfather Carleton married the daughter of William Petty who served two three year hitches with Washington, the second as a scout for Washington’s army which means if the British had captured him he would have been hanged as a spy.

William Petty’s wife was the daughter of John Wright a cousin of Washington’s who was old enough he did not have to go fight but he did.
He died soon after the war from complications with his lungs from winter soldiering.

On my mother’s side my 4th. great-grandfather baker served in the militia.

There are probably more I just never found the documentation for.

I believe if my cousin George and my great grandfathers could have only seen what the child gang raping evil “witch” burning

Marxist Cromwellian yankee puritans

would do to/with the country they would have just BBQed a goat, drank some good southern Sipping whiskey, went home chased their wife’s around their kitchen tables into the bed room and paid that fat British king the tax on that damn tea.

When the closet homosexual atheist Marxist

manic depressive rabidly racist against blacks

war criminal Lincoln

illegally invaded

the Confederacy which had legally seceded

as they saw Lincoln trying to force communism on people who did not want to live under it, my great grandfather Carleton, my great-great grandfathers Martin, Baker and DuBose shot illegally invading Child Gang Raping, pregnant women gang raping, minister’s daughters gang raping, black and white, often til death US terrorist “soldiers”

in defense of independence from evil tyrants.

I have a Betsy Ross flag but looking at what America has become, all that fighting, killing and dying was in vain as America could not have been a bigger evil shit hole if we had just left Britain in charge of America.

On the other hand, although they were defeated, not on the battlefield but by US terrorism against civilians,

the Confederacy’s stand against evil will be spoken of with reverence long after everyone accepts the evil illegality of the yankee’s terrorism, just as the 300 Spartans stand against the invading Persians is still celebrated as real men of courage when a handful of men who stood till the death to protect their people and land from an invading evil although they knew they probably could not win and would surly die.

So this 4th of July I piss on the memory of the evil child gang rapers who used terrorism to build a Mandatory Marxist Military Dictatorship

while celebrating the memories of the last real men in America who stood against evil

knowing far too many of them would die, many understanding they would not win against overwhelming odds, but put their lives in God’s hands, stood against the evil God despised anyway.

The Ole Dog!

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