Someone who is Bestist Butties For 15 Years With a Mossad Agent Pimping Out Children For Blackmail Purposes, is Either Too Stupid or Too Evil to be President.

If Trump was bestist butties with Mossad Jeffery

for over 15 years and could not figure out he was a blackmail agent for Mossad pimping out children for rape to perverts so they could be blackmailed by the Rothschild’s private fiefdom in illegally occupied Palestine, then Trump is Waaaaaayyyyyy too stupid to be president.

If he knew he was pimping out children, then Trump was either using the children for rape purposes or raping children is no big thing to Trump.

Either way, a dumb shit or a scum bag, either choice above, has no place as a “leader” of any group of people unless those people are soul-less demonically possessed evil f##ks.

The Ole Dog!

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