Kiss That Damn Old Roman Wall or Else!

A fly sitting on the old Roman wall in occupied Palestine telepathically sent to my brain the audio & video of an event at the wall.
It went down like this.

The Pope of Pedophile priest was in occupied Palestine and was ordered by the Non Semitic Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian pedophile illegal invaders/occupiers of Palestine to kiss the old Roman wall in a show of submission. to the Rothschilds.

Pedo pope:
I don’t want to!

Khazarian Mafia Representative:
Just kiss that damned old Roman wall so we can take the picture and get it over with you old senile reprobate!

No, I am the pope!

My dog could be the pope, he likes to rape little Palestinian boys too!

I am offended!

Are you so stupid you don’t know we have video cameras installed in every room in all hotels in IsraHELL?
You think Mossad Jeffery was the only Jew pedophile knows how to blackmail perverts with child rape videos?

So the pedo pope of pedo priest kissed that damned old Roman wall all “world leaders” are required to do to signify they are kissing Rothschild’s ass in submission.

See, that was not all that hard.
As a reward I had the IDF kidnap some more Palestinian children for you to rape when you get back to your room.
Remember to smile for the cameras!

The Ole Dog!

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