“Presidential Debates, Trickster Trumpster Accuses Hands Biden Of Not Helping Rothschild’s IsraHELL Holocaust Enough Palestinian Children


President Hands All Over Little Girls Biden has acted “like a Palestinian”

handling the IsraHELL’s Holocausting tens of thousands of Semitic Indigenous Descendants of Biblical Judea’s children

by failing to help the Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian

Babylonian Talmud’s

Pedophile promoting

End of Times Death Cult

Invasive Specis members eliminate the rest of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian children, Donald Trump claimed during Thursday’s first US presidential debate.

The whole Presidential debate can be summed up as a contest to see which pedo LOVES Rothschild’s Israhell

which hates America,

the most.

The Ole Dog!

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