Cultures in Conflict-Godless yankees Vs Southern Christians

This book tells of how the yankees gang raped black women to death when they burned down a southern city holocausting who knows how many women, children and old folks.

It tells how the yankee took delight in gang raping minister’s daughters because their fathers prayed for their leadership as the Bible instructs one to do.

It tells how yankee Godless terrorist took delight in stabling their horses in churches and rubbing their own shit on the walls of the churches.

Good read to shine the light on the evil of the demonically possessed yankee terrorist.

The Ole Dog!

“After nearly 150 years, there still remains the scars of the Union Army’s savage policy of “total war” in their invasion of the Christian South. Their aim was the destruction of Southern culture which included the desecration of houses of worship and the resting place of the sacred dead. Nothing was off limits; arson, rape, murder, thievery, grave-robbing and even physical torture. All this was carried out with the silent approval of the Lincoln Administration and the pleasure of the Northern radicals.”

One thought on “Cultures in Conflict-Godless yankees Vs Southern Christians

  1. Thanks for advertising this book! Did not know.

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