American Terrorists: Lincoln’s Armies In The South Paperback – October 31, 2015

A well researched factual book filled with the atrocities done by the soul-less demonically possessed Cromwellian Marxist “witch” burning & gang child, pregnant women & minister’s daughters raping, often til death US Terrorist called “soldiers”.

It is hard to read emotionally speaking if you have a soul to see what the evil mass Holocausting commie yankees did to innocent children, women and old folks.

The Ole Dog!

One thought on “American Terrorists: Lincoln’s Armies In The South Paperback – October 31, 2015

  1. The 1st American Civil War was a religious war. Marxism is a religion. The abolitionists were Gnostics, heavily Judaized. Ohh, yeah, they were “Christian” but all of them were Gnostics.

    I would like to suggest that you not take politicians at their word every time, some of their speech is dissembling. Lincoln said one thing, but in other places he hated slavery with a passion! He was a Marxist. And if you held slaves, or a party to that—well, it is the Old Testament Judgement Day! Remember the basis of Yankeeism is Puritanism who were Arch Gnostics. The word ‘pure’ is in their name–all impurity is evil and is to be destroyed. Slavers are to be destroyed en masse. All gnostics is built on hatred and that hatred fuels the violence.

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