The Hypocrisy, Dishonesty and Evil Against Americans By Trump Groupies

The Trickster Trumpster is not in that group photo of bestist butties who all serve the Rothschilds and socialize together when out of sight of the stupid voter sheep is because he is taking the fucking picture.

You might take notice the Trump Groupie which posted the first photo above purposely cropped the original photo to hide the fact it was the Trumpster himself taking the photo by cropping out Trump’s wife.

And the “immunity from charges” Trump was brought up on was designed to be a mind fuck for the sheep as they were Mickey Mouse charges and not the real meat and potatoes of Trump’s crimes like Treason, Pedophilia, Murdering a Diplomate in a foreign country when that diplomate was on a posted diplomatic mission to that country which is an International war crime, the war crime of keeping illegal wars of terror going against countries which did not do the FALSE FLAG of 9-11 which Israel and US did

even though Trump knew he was helping Holocaust innocent civilian in countries US illegally invaded based on the lie of the False Flag Israel and US did.

Some stills from one of the low budget porn flicks Trump’s wife acted in.

Remember when trump promised if he was elected for his first term he would throw Hillary in jail.

Presidential Debate – DT: Bc you’d be in jail! – Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

Back in the days when travel was done with horses pulling wagons and buggies, when one had a horse or horses which were a bit excitable and might jump or run away from things they saw to the sides of them, blinders were used which were a device to keep them from seeing anything but the road straight ahead.

Voters place blinders on themselves to protect their false belief someone, somewhere, anyone, even some politician who has proved themselves a pedophilic treasonous against America lying sack of pig shit is going to save the sheep from the jackal

who is the master of the politician.

When Jesus called em sheep before they helped the State spike his ass to a post, it was NOT a term of endearment!

The Ole Dog!

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