American Men Who Don’t Want To Kill Or Die For Israel Shunning US Military

Us soldiers coming back from Viet Nam were royally fucked by the VA.
While disabled or damaged drafted war veterans were told they had no proof the VA would except their war disabilities were because US kidnapped them and forced them to fight a war they did not want to, millions of dollars stolen from American workers were sent to Rothschild’s Israel every day.

The sons and grandsons of these soldiers noticed this.
Still when Israel & their US/DC bitches did the false flag of 9-11 and convinced a large segment of society it was done by Arabs, out of blind patriotism many of these kids signed up.
The ones did not get killed, many came back shattered in mind and body and the VA took it’s turn fucking them while more millions of dollars a day was sent to Israel.

In today’s US military if you are white, you are considered shit.
If you are a white straight male you are considered hammered pig shit.
Recent immigrants who know nothing of the history of America, and really don’t give a shit about America’s history anyway and females are advanced into positions which control the machinery of the military.

Historically its has been the white Southern and Mid Western boys in the military who did most of the fighting and dying and those who run the military while they hate patriotic white males know this.

For several years the US military is falling short of the numbers they need to get to enter the military to keep it going.

Twice lately I have seen the military do two videos for recruitment which sucked up the Southern and Midwestern white males, the same people those running the military have been discriminating against for years now.

Both videos were pulled from circulation within a short time because when run on YouTube, Twitter and such the comments were about 99% white males saying they did not care to die for people who hated them, they did not want to die for Israel, saying let the queers, dikes, trannies fight this one, I will just stay home.

Because after shitting on and discriminating against the American vets for generations no lie they tell, no movie production video aimed at making white males feel patriotic enough to be cannon fodder in Rothschild’s Israels wars fought by Americans can convince the Southern and id Western boys line up in any numbers to join a military which hates them so the treasonous bastards and bitches bribed and blackmailed with Mossad jeffery child rape videos in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac have voted on a bill which would automatically register all American males for a draft they plan to bring back so they can continue fighting wars for Israel’s benefit.
They also are mandating American girls be registered for a draft so they can use them as cannon fodder in Rothschild wars.

Trying to cover their treasonous asses for a problem they caused themselves, and to try to obscure it is because smart white boys are sick of dying or being disabled them fucked over by the US in wars for Israel, they are starting to put out bull shit articles basically saying the reason is American males are becoming looser pussies.

Fuck the VA and congress which have fucked American veterans for generations.
Fuck Israel which has attacked America again and again while promising to destroy America.
Fuck the Rothschilds who have ordered both to happen.
And fuck your military draft which is no more than kidnapping and slavery by cowardly pussies who made damn sure they and their children did not, do not go personally to kill and die for Israel.

‘The Veteran Lay Dying on the Filthy Washington DC Street’

The Veteran lay dying on the filthy Washington DC street-
As the Veterans Administration Administrator walked around his feet-

The VA bureaucrat looked at at the “bum” with self-righteous distaste-
Wishing these Street people would learn their place-

Why they had to be here to clutter up the exhilarating sight-
Of the war memorials to Veterans past, a reminder of the might-

Of the military whip which keeps the world in line-
With whatever WASHINGTON DC/US happens to have on it’s mind-

The Veteran called please, oh please help me mister-
Could you please place a call to my baby sister-

I am so ill, sick, weak and alone-
I wish she could come and take me home-

To die in peace in the Land I thought I fought to to save-
Just so I would be not homeless before the cold of the grave-

I tried to get help from here and there from the VA-
But they always said no proof, and turned me away-

It is so sad and hard to die here, cold and all alone-
I wonder if anyone will miss me, or even know I am gone-

They cheered me loudly, as I marched off to that war-
Now they look at me with disgust, and try to stay far-

From the vessel made with their own collaborating, willing hand-
A homeless outcast on the streets, of my own Home Land-

The VA minion pretended not to hear-
The veterans words going in one, and out the other ear-

As the sold out treasonous political trash hurried past-
The tortured warrior, a Son of America, breathed his last-

To each will come from the Light their lives bill due to pay-
I would not want to be a WASHINGTON DC political whore on that day!

The Ole Dog!

Article saying American males becoming pussies is reason they don’t want to die for Israel:

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