When Yeshua (Jesus) Called Em SHEEP, That Was Not A Term of Endearment!

Zionist (Evangelical) “Christians”

just can not wait to vote for Trump.
He supports the evil of Israel the Zionist Zombie Virus “christians” are indoctrinated from birth to worship as a god.

You “christians do know what Jesus said to do with a pedophile don’t you?

Not damn well vote for one and have sexual orgasms listening to them dish out total bull shit to the sheeple.

George Carlin understood the American Headus Uppus Assus breed of sheep.

Not only do they love and vote for a lying sack of fat shit who has betrayed America in every way possible,

but they still 163 years after the closet homosexual atheist

communist (Marxist)

1938 red Russian Commie USA presidential Convention, where Lincoln was recognized as the Father of American zionism/Communism.

rabidly racist against African Americans

war criminal

killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union

replacing it with a Marxist Mandatory Military dictatorship now a for profit corporation

run by the Rothschilds,

think they are living in the Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave.


Carlin on voting.


The Ole Dog!

One thought on “When Yeshua (Jesus) Called Em SHEEP, That Was Not A Term of Endearment!

  1. One has to practice pragmatism. Principle comes later. If we all don’t band together–and the demonrats get a second term—It is the end. I too am bothered by Trump’s Zionism–but he did other great stuff and most importantly, put judges on the Supreme Court that stopped Roe v Wade. If the Dems get in–there goes the 2nd Amendment. Furthermore, I’m voting for Trump because of the J6ers and pardons for Flynn, Navaro, and Steve Bannon. We have to think about these people . Yes, people are sheeple, but that is why herds exist—FOR PROTECTION. Both prey and predators operate in herds because that is more beneficial. We have to work together. And then, If not Trump—WHO? Trump’s been burned–he’s learned a lesson. There are no saints–only sinners and we have to go with what we got. We’ve got to stave off the demonrats–or they are ALL coming for us. Pragmatism for principle will get us all killed.

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