When The Other Shoe Falls The Sheep Will Bleat In Astonishment And Terror

When the other shoe falls the sheep will bleat in astonishment and terror-
Being forced to recognize their love of evil and belief in the goodness of jackals were both in error-

There will be standing room only in the waiting rooms of the slaughterhouse intended for the sheep-
As the clueless ball-less sheep live out the biblical “whatever a sheep sows that shall they also reap”-

The look of horror on their unintelligent faces will be universal as they realize-
Their masters putting their arm around their neck is not in endearment but to euthanize-

As the knife opens up their throat so their blood becomes drink for their owners-
Who from devious excitement of the slaughter all have boners-

The sheep have hated and thrown sheep shit at all who tried to warn them of what was coming-
If the sheep towards the edge of the moral cliff did not stop in mass running-

Sheep are for shearing and slaughter that’s for sure and nothing more-
Even when they rise up to walk on two legs instead of all four!

The Ole Dog!

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