Alex Jones a Rothschild’s Disinfo Bit#h says-Bird Flu Outbreak May Have Originated From Laboratory

A 30 shekel disinformation bitch takes information already exposed, like the genie which is out of it’s bottle and can not be put back, uses it to make the dim witted sheep think the 30 shekel whore is an OPPOSITION JOURNALIST.
Once they gain the trust of the sheep, they start mixing in the lies their master’s pay them to tell.

It is beyond putting the genie back in the bottle the Killer Jab mRNA Non Vaccine forced on million and millions of humans in violation of the Nuremberg Code

has murdered millions of people with millions more to die.
The genie of the many health problems, still births, miscarriages caused by the jabs can not be put back in the bottle, with more evidence on the deaths and disabilities coming out each and every day.

The bad, sad and evil part is there never was a new “virus” called “SARS-COV-2”.
The whole thing was a Scamdemic

222 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

March 11, 2020, Biggest Lie in World History: There Never Was A Pandemic. The Data Base is Flawed. The Covid Mandates including the Vaccine are Invalid

March 11, 2020, Biggest Lie in World History: There Never Was A Pandemic. The Data Base is Flawed. The Covid Mandates including the Vaccine are Invalid

No Worries No Virus

No Worries No Virus

How the Flu “disappeared” during the Covid era

Those who ordered the scam to cull the human herd with Killer jabs,

destroy family businesses, drain bank accounts, savings accounts, kill jobs with Communist Non Medical, Penal Code Lockdowns

and useless masking which would not have stopped a virus had there really been one,

know if the majority of humans figure out all this was complete bullshit based on a big lie, they will chase those responsible for the plan, and those who helped forced the plan on humanity down streets into blind alleys where they will beat their brains out with baseball bats and rusty tire irons.

So the Evil One’s 30 shekel whore disinformation bullshitters are caterwauling that Fuck-i

used tax payer cash to help the Chinese develop the Non Existent mythical “SARS-COV-02” “virus” in order to fool the sheeple into thinking there really was a virus.

Now that the Non Existent “COVID-19″ Scamdemic” has run it’s course and only a hand full of really stupid idiots will roll their sleeves up for more Killer Jabs, the same evil soul-less demonically possessed bastards have dreamed up a bird flu.

Knowing a lot of people are no longer trusting whored out politicians and complicit in the mass murder of the killer jabs medical community any longer, they MUST convince the sheeple the non existent bird flu is real.

Enter 30 shekel disinformation artist like Alex Jones who is caterwauling that the Non Existent Bird flu they are getting ready to make the same Killer Jab technoligy mandatory as a “vaccine” against another non existent virus, to start planting the seed of the lie in the brains of the sheeple that this “virus” too was man made in a lab.

Being an accessory to mass murder is a hanging offense just as sticking the death dart into a human is a hanging offense.

As the Bible says in one place, “The souls of the slain cry out, Oh Lord, how long shall the evil ones be allowed to prosper”.

I would say right up until the time sick and grieving loved ones chase the guilty into that blind ally.

The Ole Dog!


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