US Congress Can Suck My Diseased Di#k For The 4th Time-Nitwityahoo

Nitwityahoo who has sworn to destroy America

has been begged to come to the halls of congress a 4th time so congress can line up and suck his dick for a 4th time’ just like last time.

ones who are real treasonous whores for IsraHELL like Cancun Cruz

and Show Me To The Kiddy Playground Graham

may even be allowed the honor of pulling their pants down and getting on all fours so Nitwityahoo can hammer their fudge highway.

Speaker Jonson, a treasonous IsraHELL firster extended the invitation to Nitwityahoo who was involved personally with planning the False Flag of 9-11.


is said to be as giddy as a school girl getting serviced for the first time at the thought of a reunion with his Daddy, Nitwityahoo.

And you stupid as shit America sheep think you can vote America out of this evil cluster fuck?

The Ole Dog!

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