IT’S HERE: The Little Boy Anti-American Corporation Which Cried Wolf, the FDA Warns 25% Kill Rate in New “Virus”

The Rothschild’s FDA which approved Non Vaccine Killer Jabs

for a Non Existent “virus”

222 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

is now crying wolf again to prepare Americans to again have MANDITORY assisted suicide mRNA non vaccine Killer Jabs forced on them to kill off the ones who have not died yet from the last round of Rothschild’s Human Herd Culling assisted suicide killer jabs, for another Non Existent Virus.

“On the eve of the vote on the WHO’s Global Pandemic Treaty, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf issued a stark warning on capitol hill surrounding Bird Flu:

‘This virus, like all viruses, is mutating,’ he told the policymakers. ‘We need to continue to prepare for the possibility that it might jump to humans.

[The] real worry is that it will jump to the human lungs where, when that has happened in other parts of the world… the mortality rate has been 25 percent.

We gotta have testing, gotta have anti-virals and we need to have a vaccine ready to go.”

It is past time not only Americans but humans world wide convene Nuremberg tribunal Common Law Courts to give fair trails to all the mass murderers making war against humanity by Violating the 1947 Nuremberg Code against using humans for lab rats in human experiments

which is a hanging offense.

The Ole Dog!

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