GOP Bill Seeks to Extend U.S. Govt Servicemembers Benefits to U.S. Citizens Serving in the IDF

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‘GOP Bill Seeks to Extend U.S. Govt Servicemembers Benefits to U.S. Citizens Serving in the IDF’

Two GOP reps have introduced a new bill to extend benefits reserved for US government servicemembers to US citizens serving in the Israel Defense Forces.

From Reschenthaler.House.Gov, “Reschenthaler, Miller Introduce Legislation to Support American Citizens Fighting in Israel”:
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Chief Deputy Whip Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) and U.S. Representative Max Miller (R-OH) introduced H.R. 8445, which would extend the benefits of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) to American citizens serving in the Israel Defense Forces.

“Over 20,000 American citizens are currently defending Israel from Hamas terrorists, risking their lives for the betterment of our ally,” said Reschenthaler. “This legislation will ensure we do everything possible to support these heroes who are standing with Israel, fighting for freedom, and combating terrorism in the Middle East.”

“As our closest ally in the Middle East continues to defend itself against terror, many brave Americans have decided to lend a hand,” said Miller. “I’m proud that this legislation extends important protections to those Americans who chose to risk their lives in the fight against terror.”

The SCRA provides members on active-duty status with financial management safeguards such as rental agreements, security deposits, evictions, installment contracts, credit card interest rates, mortgages, civil judicial proceedings, and income tax payments, among others.

The USERRA prohibits employment discrimination based on an individual’s prior service in the uniformed services, current service in the uniformed services, or intent to join the uniformed services.
Miller made headlines last year for demanding a Christian woman delete a “bigoted” tweet stating that salvation can only come through “having faith in Jesus Christ alone.”

“God says that Jewish people are the chosen ones,” Miller, a self-described “Proud Jew,” insisted.


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