A Cold Sixpack, a Warm Pizza and Some Passionate Sex

It has now been verified by the Iranian government the president of Iran along with several other “important” Iranians died in a helicopter crash.

Don’t mean much to me one way or the other.

If someone thinks the Iranian government is fighting the Rothschild’s Khazarian Mafia Crime Cabal

I have some ocean front property to sell them in the Shara desert.

Years back for a brief time I got to know an Iranian who had gotten himself a Washington DC Citizenship.
He bought some old apartment buildings and dropped by to check on them from time to time.
At the time there was a lot of war mongering talk in the Rothschild’s MSM about contention between Iran and Rothschild’s private fiefdom located in the illegally occupied country of Palestine.

As I knew he had recently been back to Iran for a visit I asked him about the talk.
He laughed and said both sides were too busy getting rich trading with each other under the table to fight each other.

Back when the Rothschilds started their “COVID-19” SCAMDEMIC

“governments” all over the world, at the same time, forced Anti-Human Killer Jabs

on the people in each country along with communistic Penal Code Non Medical “Lockdowns,

and useless as teats on a boar hog MANDATORY dust masking.

to “combat” an Non Existant “virus.

222 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

The Rothschild’s minions running the “Bad Cop” “government” of Iran was in lockstep with 30 shekel political whores all over the world implementing the same evil bull shit at the same time.

Most people of Iran are like most any other people from any other country.

They want food to eat, a home, some entertainment, some good booze and some passionate sex.
They are not trying to start wars or build nuclear weapons.

In North Korea the people are oppressed and starving most of the time.
They only want food to eat, a home, some entertainment, some good booze and some passionate sex.

But FAT BOY and his sister are kept on retainer so North Korea can be used as a distraction and a boogieman.

Cuba might be Communist, but it is a tiny island which should have had all economic sanctions removed generations ago.

But then it could not be used as a distraction and a boogieman.

All the working class Cubans want is food to eat, a home, some entertainment, some good booze and some passionate sex.

Here in America the little children raping political whores of US/DC

caterwaul for war against EVERYONE except Rothschild’s private fiefdom called “Israel” located in the illegally, criminally, militarily occupied Palestine.

Most folks in America don’t want war, they just want a cold Sixpack, a warm pizza and some passionate sex.

The president of Iran was just a Rothschild’s hand puppet just like Nitwityahoo

Russia’s Puntinister,

China’s Xi,

and the hand puppet presidents of the US

and US Congresscritters.

When one takes the 30 shekels and the Rothschilds need a body to throw under the wheels of the bus for one reason or the other, well,

The communist closet homosexual atheist yankee war criminal Lincoln was disgusting and evil.
But he said one thing which was brilliant.

When the dashing Confederate officer John Singleton Mosby slipped into a yankee war criminal camp under the cover of darkness, took all the mules and horses the yankees had stolen from southern civilians and one yankee war criminal yankee general captive, Mosby being Mosby could not resist using the yankee war criminals own telegram to send a message to the yankee war criminal department in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac complaining about the quality of the horses and mules they were furnishing him and mentioning he had taken the general captive, the yankee war criminal department went running to the closet homosexual atheist rabidly racist against blacks Lincoln

caterwauling Mosby had captured the General, the war criminal Lincoln replied:
“I can make a general with the scratch of my pen.
Horses and mules are hard to come by”.

Rothschild’s hand puppet politicians no mater the country are easy to come by.
Take one out, slide another on the arm of a Rothschild and the show goes on.

The Ole Dog!

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