Elon Mush Threw Me Into Twitter Litter Jail For Telling The Truth

On a post saying and showing a video of Americans chanting arrest Bill Gates-Arrest bill Gates, I posted this reply.

Immediately I was thrown into Twitter Litter Jail.

Well, hanging is a violent act, but so is an old perverted pedophile raping multiple little children

Helping to Mass Murder (Holocaust) millions of Humans with a Rothschild’s Witch’s Brew Voodoo Killer jabs is a “violent” act also.

You will note I called for giving the baby raping mass murdering ass hole a fair trial before making him shit his pants by snapping his worthless evil neck with a rope.

I did not call for mob violence.
I called for law and order and the just punishment for a baby raping mass murderer.

By Musk shitting his pants at the call for justice for pedophilia and mass murder, I can only discern that musk hates the truth

is in favor of Child Rape, Mass Murder and the thought of those guilty of these evil things being brought to justice makes Musk very-very uncomfortable for some personal reason.
He is also seemingly in favor of censoring the truth.

Here’s a little free advice Musk.

Were I you I would start formulating your defense you will present before the bench of a Nuremberg Common Law Court.

Not that it will do you any good but even someone closely associated with and running interference for child rapers and mass murderers must be allowed to present a defense against hanging in a court of Common Law.

Otherwise society would descend into mob rule, say like in a democracy.

The Ole Dog!

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