I Don’t Sail Under false Colors-What & Who I Am

I don’t sail under false colors.
I walk with the Creator God.
Time came when I got on my knees and begged God for understanding leading to wisdom.

I understand reincarnation & can trace many of my former lives.
This is my 4th as American.
I fought the American Revolution.

The yankee invasion I was a Confederate soldier.
The Invading yankees shot me through the back 3 times from concealment when no battle was ongoing leaving my children orphans.

I fought WW1 & WW2.
I came to understand the evil coming from DC, the treason being done against Americans and America by the political prostitutes from Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.
US murdered me for standing up and speaking up.

This life I tried to hide in the sheep herd.
I wanted nothing to do with the seats of power, the evil or the Americans sheep who seem to love the Jackals which herd them into unjust wars and through the slaughter house doors.

I was offered West Point on a silver platter.
My scores on my university entrance exam and being cousins to most every great American general in the history of America accounts for that.

I never called the congressman back, but could not stay out of the military, went enlisted, did my war.

Time came when I grew tired of God bitchslapping me onto my ass again and again to get my attention.
I got on my knees before God.
I agreed to stop trying to hide and do my duty to God, to my ancestors and to myself.

I go after the ones who crossed the line to evil because it is my duty to do so.
Great uncle type Richard the Lionhearted making fun of those who had no understanding but spoke on the fierce hair trigger temper which ran through our family lines said, “From the Devil we came and to the Devil we will return”.

The Devil works for God.
The innocent have nothing to worry about from the devil.
The evil are fair game for the devil.
Just call him God’s bounty hunter.

I stand up, speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth because I don’t want God bitch slapping me onto my ass again.

Nothing the Jackals could do to my body is as a fearful a prospect than failing in my duty to God.

The evil from DC is destroying the Confederate memorials because it is a reminder of the last time a large section of Americans stood together against their evil, and they do not want the American people to have that example as a encouragement to stand against their evil again.

The collapse of the US Empire is a done deal.
Can’t be stopped.
Should not be stopped.

As the Bible says, “Be not deceived for God is not mocked, for whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”.

That goes for a people also.
Americans have made war against everyone based on lies, half truth, false flags.
The American people have cheered as US Bombs have blown millions of God’s innocent little children to bits.
The evil must and will come home to America/Americans.

Many will not make it through what’s coming.
Those who do will not be so dammed self righteous with a huge false pride.

‘The Fires Burned High And Long Into The Night The Day The Eternal Empire Died’

The crowds called for his head for daring to question the rightness of their culture of war and theft-
For his saying the Empire would die unless, that repentance was their only hope left-

As the mongrel hordes he warned of, battered down the gates of the hallowed home-
Of the evil which dared to temp the gods by surpassing even the evil of Rome-

The fires burned high and long into the night, the day the Eternal Empire died-
The cries of the recently widowed, raped besides the body of their beloved did not subside-

For many a day and night until the sacked cities were left to the rats and vulture-
The decaying dead were carrion, no living thing left cared about their self pride in their forgotten culture-

The Ole Dog!

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