Non Semitic Khazarian Jews Would Walk on all Fours Necked, Backwards Through Streets of Jew York, Swastikas Painted on Each Cheek of Their A$$es & a IsraHELL Flag Sticking Out of Their Butt To Keep World Attention On Their Cult

A “Jew” is a self identifying member of the Babylonian Talmud’s


End of Times Death Cult


Most all Jews today are Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian Mongrels

who’s ancestors mass infected with the Zionist Zombie Virus in the Steppes of Modern Day Ukraine & Russia in the year 0740 AD.

The Judaic cult members from Judea who were not called Jews

which were absorbed by Islam and are no more, and the modern Khazarian cult members who are in no way descended from Biblical Judians or Biblical Israelites, have both been kicked out of country after country because of their evil, crimes of human sacrifice, child rapes, Usury, trying to take over Host Countries,

lying, cheating associated with their cult religion.

COMPLETE LIST OF JEWISH (End Of Times Pedophilia Human Sacrifice and Death Cult Members) EXPULSIONS (1,030)

Today’s Khazarian Jews which make up almost all of the Cult Members make up maybe 1 to 2 percent of the world population but demand the whole;e world revolves around them.

Every time these cult members are caught with their pants down raping Goyim children, doing mass murders, stealing, lying, they fake “hate crimes” against themselves and then claim Goyim attacked them because “god” choses them to rule the Goyim.

The Zionist Zombie Virus MUST be eradicated from this earth.

When a body has a cancer, it is cut out.
When a skunk has the rabid virus so it becomes a soul-less virus host trying to spread the evil of it’s death to all other creatures, it must be destroyed and the body burned to kill the virus.

Self defense is a Creator God Given RIGHT!

The Ole Dog!

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