Objecting To The Non Semitic Jew Cult Members Raping Children, Robbing, Mass Murdering is “Anti-Semitic”

If one could have a sit down conversation with Lucifer who along with some of his command got their butts in deep trouble with the upper brass for trying to help the with pigs fornicating sheep monkey “humans” by giving them knowledge, betcha he would be very disgusted with “humanity”.

‘The With Pigs Fornicating Sheep Monkey Souls’

The with pigs fornicating sheep monkey souls clawed their way from the primeval slime-
With the brain of a sheep and the ego of a baboons behind-

These primitive ill begotten beings decided they were gods-
While inhabiting bleating in fear hairless sheep monkey bods-

Such was their ignorance and self inflected stupidity of species-
Soon their name throughout the universe became a term for vile fecies-

Self destructive behavior their code-
Beings on which the backs of, evil jackals rode-

Illusions of grandeur their most prized obsession-
Leading to dark side demonic possession-

When they have through their sheep like stupidity exterminated their race.
God will be overjoyed and create a much better species in their place.

He might be very sorrowful he has taken so much abuse for trying to help a primitive species which damn well refuse to help themselves.

‘The long Roll of History

History is warning of what man has at the end of this run-
Humanity, a species, directly under the gun-

At a crossroads, looking left and right-
Seeing possibilities as different as day and night-

To become something greater, to learn, to pay the price-
For the knowledge necessary to entice-

Humanity on that long and winding path past the sorrow-
Leave behind the pain, bleeding, horror for a better tomorrow-

A Pilgrimage to that fabled Pure Light of old-
Forgotten by Humanity in its base lust for gold-

The Light of Understanding calls come with me-
Many wondrous things you will see-

The other paths guardian sings an enchanting song of many pleasures-
Of which he will give you unending measures-

Riches, power, control, and fame-
Everyone talking about you, you are the name-

The weak will emulate, the ignorant shallow herd will kowtow to-
Till so swiftly, fleeting fame is gone, and the bill comes due-

The final decision by humanity must be made-
Whether their future is to be eternal Enlightenment or an endless panty raid!

Life after life the sheep monkey souls sell their asses and their lambs to the dark side for a ticket on the “easy path” while throwing sheep shit at those who try to herd them onto the path which leads to spiritual growth.

‘I Am Here To Tell The Sheep The Truth Said Jesus the Christ to Pilate’

I am here to tell the sheep the truth Jesus the Christ said to Pilate-
Not to embrace the multitude of excepted lies of society or remain silent-

The Truth is the Truth and will stand alone and the test of time-
The lie nor the liar will not be allowed in the presence of the Sublime-

Though it cost me pain, the breath in my body to speak the Truth unafraid-
Tis through the Truth souls worthy to stand before the pure Light of the Creator are made-

The lie though loved by the multitudes and the jackals who would be king-
Can not stand up along side the Truth which with God’s commandments and Laws ring-

The lie turns bitter as ashes in the mouth of the soul standing before the record of their life-
Though in this world it is loved and accepted by the dark side souls in which evil is rife-

Many will be called, few will pay the price to stand against the herd of lie loving sheep-
To have the privilege of being held in the Loving Embrace of God for that peaceful uninterrupted blissful sleep-

So shed my blood, take this earthly life from this current body housing my soul-
I shall not betray the Truth or God, I will not deviate from my goal-

Though you drive spikes through my wrist and feet bringing physical pain and earthly death today-
You will lose, I will win, Tis the price of Truth and Love of God I gladly pay.

When I am again in the presence of the Most High God in that place of Peace and brilliant Pure Light-
The lover of the lie will scream and thrash against the horror of the total darkness with all their tortured might-

The lie brings fleeting ill gotten earthly gain and perverse pleasure for a time so very brief-
But the Truth leads the soul down the path to the presence of God where is known no grief!

The primitive souls in the sheep monkey bodies help the jackals make war against those who would show them the path to spiritual growth, then wonder why they live in an evil shit hole world.

‘The Head Up Assus American Breed of Sheep’

The head up assus American Breed of Sheep-
Like’s the Rats diseased dick shoved up their asses hard and deep-

They offer the Rats their lambs for DC sexual party favors-
They Love cancer causing GMO Frankenfoods in a verity of shit infused flavors-

They scream GOD BLESS AMERICA while the evil that is Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac rape children up the ass-
When it comes to morals, honor, decency, integrity, truth, the sheep say they will take a pass-

When the Shepard tries to protect the sheep herd from the pedophilic Usury Red Russian Khazarian evil trash-
The Sheep help the rapers of the lambs, the Jackals, the sheep headers head to bash-

Such a self destructive bunch of bleating losers lacking Human traits or thought-
A sorry species which with trinkets and bobbles, their asses have been bought

Nothing wrong with America, it just needs a better people-
Something a few cuts above the despicable slavery loving American Sheeple!

The with pigs fornicating sheep monkey “humans” will help slaughter anyone who try to make them stop believing the big lie and face reality.

‘The American Sheep Cheered the Rape & Slaughter of the Innocent, As The Horsemen Dropped Their Pants’

As the Horsemen rode up behind the bloodthirsty sheep, they continued their rants-
The American sheep cheered the Rape & Slaughter of the Innocent, as the Horsemen dropped their pants-

Calling for more and still more bloodshed-
Calling for bombing those goat herders till all were dead-

The horseman ripped off the blood lusting sheep’s stained red white and blue fruit of the looms-
And mounted the bent over sheep with Kharma poles the size of ships booms-

Who would have ever thought the American self-righteous sheep could squeal like violated pigs-
Guess its been a while since they were put in the Horsemen’s rigs-

To be rode hard like a three shekel street whore and put up wet-
So they are shocked out of their Zionist Zombie Virus mind set!

The Sheeple worship child raping soul-less Zionist Zombie Virus infected evil bottom of the barrel scum sucking pedophiles.


The Sheep love to be hammered by jackals up their ass-
All evil done by the jackals the sheep make excuses and give a pass-

Benevolent ones who tried to save the sheep from their slaughterhouse fate-
Find themselves the recipient of the sheep’s angry bleating filled with hate-

Sheep souls long to be used as cannon fodder in made up wars and used as tax slaves-
Sheep love to have their lambs used as sexual party favors by perverts then put in their graves-

Socrates tried to enlighten the sheep to break their slavery chains placed there by their master-
Only to have the sheep poison him so they could march through the slaughterhouse doors faster-

Yeshua known as Jesus called on his people to stop being sheep, stop their evil and repent-
The sheep screamed for his head and his ass to be spiked to a tree, to Golgotha he was sent-

Never try to save the sheep from the fate they love and desire above all else or you will find-
Yourself assaulted by mobs of sheep ending up with your ass in a bind-

Allow the sheep to march smartly straight into hell as they desire-
Else face sheep shit thrown at you and hordes of bleating sheep’s ire-

Some of the words of Jesus were mistiroius and very deep-
But it is Plain it was not a term of endearment when Jesus called em “sheep”!

The sheep long to be f##ked up the ass, lied to & have the Judas Goat lead them straight through the slaughterhouse doors!

‘America Argues with God!’

America, a Good Dream of a Just land the Angels Once Had-
Now has made God Himself Look Away, His Countenance so Very Sad-

Time wasted on such stiff necked self righteous Primitive souls treading in Quick sand-
Who’s only thoughts are of self gain and more pain for their own fellow “man”-

They rape their children, they sell their daughters, they pimp their wives-
All to avoid spiritual growth, Labor, and to get Self Gain from Others Lives-

They screamed at God he was Wrong, he MUST do things Their way or take a Hike-
Last seen God was near Venus giving America the rearward Finger while riding his Celestial Mountain Bike!

Sheep the world over are about the same.

Every “country” or society has their own brand of cult religion.
And in every “country” or society abuse of children is winked at.

In India they observe a wide range of cult religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
In India little children and women are gang raped regularly and the victim is abused while the religious rapist are given a pass.

In Japan which has a predominate Buddhist religious affiliation, little school girls stand still on crowed trains and pretend old perverted “good” Buddhist males are not feeling them up under their skirts.

In Islamic countries many males will openly tell you “A women is for having babies, a man is for fun”.
Don’t try to argue the point, I have been to many islamic countries and had them tell me that themselves.

The Vatican is run by baby rapers who protect their baby raping priest from getting punished for their crimes against children

In America which claims to be a “christian nation”, the voters love and vote for baby rapers.
Baby rapers run the “government”, the churches, the schools, Holly Whore.

All these “religions” except one condemned pedophilia while openly practicing child rape.

Except one.
The Babylonian Talmud’s pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult religion called Judaism says hell yes, f##k them kids!
Enjoy yourself.
It is not a sin!

Yes, I think if one could have a sit down conversation with Lucifer he would be VERY sorry he ever tried to help these Lamb raping sheep!

‘Lucifer wept!’

One day Lucifers father came to see him, found him weeping.

Whats the matter son, your best girlfriend run off with a Unicorn?
Loki been up to his crap again?

No, I was just contemplating all the lives I have spent trying to get these “humans” to become more than two legged animals, all the times they helped the evil kill my ass, for trying to get them to save themselves from the evil!

Well Son, I warned you about these pig fuckers, but you damned well knew everything!
Starting to see things your ole mans way huh?
About damn time!

Do you know some of the same pig fuckers who murdered Jesus the Christ are now “praying” for him to come back!
Every time he comes back, they call him names, throw shit at him, and more often as not help murder his ass!
I damn well guarantee, these pig fuckers just THINK they want Jesus the Christ back!
He seems to be very very pissed at them.
Said their seed belongs in the damn pigs.

Been doing some growing up on this rock I see.
Be good to get you home now you got your head out of your ass!

What about these “humans’.

These pig fornicators, Hel, they want to be slaves.
They flunked!
Another cycle of slavery, death, hardships, sweat, toil, bitching, whining for them!

They damn well deserve it!

Soon as Ragnarök is done, not long from now, you can come home.
But the first time I catch you trying to sneak around with my best girlfriend again, you will find you ass right back on this rock, dealing with these pig fuckers again!
You got that?

Yes Dad.

Hell, don’t worry about it.
I did not tell you but she ran off with Loki thousands of years ago.

The Gold Digging Bitch!

Ragnarök draws nigh.

‘Holy Shit Bleated The Sheep, So This Is Our Own Self Made Hell’

The American head uppus assus sheep-
In love and ignorance did bleat-

Of their god called USA-
They sacrificed their lambs to their god each and every day-

Sending them to foreign lands to die-
Based on wars started by the DC whores big lie-

They cared not those they voted for raped little children for fun-
They cared not the DC whores did false flags to slaughter school children with the gun-

They cared not the DC whores stole the homes of the orphan and widow-
They cared not the morals of the people became vulgar perverted and low-

One day the Empire finally died-
One day the sheep had to admit for generations the DC whores had lied-

The sheep starved, crime ran rampant in the devastated land-
Housewives prostituted themselves for chump change in their hand-

The sheep died by the tens of thousands from the killer jab-
Cooked up in a Usury banker’s Ratschild lab-

The sheep cried out to a rejected God to save them from the shit hole they had themselves made-
God told them I know you not, with thine own self get laid-

As their lambs they prostituted, for a crust of bread their lambs they did sell-
Holy shit bleated the sheep, so this is our own self made hell-

The Ole Dog!

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