A Book Not To Buy-‘PATTON-Battling With History’

I have always read.
Today I have an extensive library which I figure I will not live long enough to read all I have gathered and would like to get to but my library is a gift I pass down to my prodigy.

Knowing I don’t have enough days left in this life to read even all books I now have, I have become selective in what books I spend my precious time reading.

Sometimes I will be reading 3 or 4 books at once.

Currently I am reading ‘THE REAL LINCOLN,

Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation

Judaism’s Strange Gods


Recently after a long time not reading anything on American WW2 General George S Patton I read a couple from my extensive collection on him.
Some I have read, some I have not.

As I got started again reading some of his when I finished the last one I got the next one in line from that section.

I read all the way to page 7 before placing a hand written note between pages 6 and 7 that the writer was a sheep who would not recognize a warrior if one kicked him in his ass.
That is so none of my prodigy wasted time reading the drivel.

Many “historians” are sheep.
They think things out sheep wise.
Then they try to understand why warriors did things using sheep brains and sheep motives.

Warriors motives and sheep motives and understandings are like water and oil.

This writer made all the wrong assumptions and claims about Patton.

Patton was a 1st cousin to general George Washington, while I am a second cousin to Washington.
The only difference between George Washington’s genealogy and my Washington line genealogy is George Washington’s mother and grandmother.

So Patton as a Washington cousin is family history, one reason I have read much about him.

The writer of the book I do not recommend probably does not understand reincarnation

and also seems to set out to paint Patton in the worst light possible.
Probably means he is a yankee communist and/or perhaps a Zionist Khazarian Jew cult member.

He says again and again Patton was not a natural warrior.

Warriors are born, not made.
Warriors have life after life fought wars.
Sooner or later a warrior has fought in every type of terrain, in every type of weather, against every type of enemy.

The good at it warrior trust his instincts in battle as he will generally know without having to think about it, what do do when any danger or tactic is used against his army on the battlefield.

Patton pissed in the Rhine when crossing into Germany as that is what his ancestor Gaius Julius Caesar did.

Patton was murdered by the UNITED STATES for refusing to betray America to Rothschild’s Red Russian Communism/Zionism like FDR, Truman, Ike and Brad to name just a few.

So if any of you out there do read real history, you will want to save your coins and not waste them on this piece of shit written as a hit piece to discredit Patton’s views or written by a sheep who should have instead of trying to write about something he had absolutely no understanding of, perhaps written an article on real fucking which I am sure he also has no understanding of.

The Ole Dog!

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