Charlatan Blood Lusting Anti-American IsraHell Firster John Hagee Wants More Children Holocausted

Pastor John Hagee came to Washington, DC to lobby for unconditional military support to Israel.
Hagee, a frequent visitor to the Trump White House,

preaches that Christ will soon return to rule over earth from Jerusalem.

Hagee according to rumor from years back which was widely circulated through a PTA organization at the time, had to pay off the parents of a little boy who was raped.

It is open “secret” Hagee committed adultery with his church secretary, then divorced his wife and married his the women he was committing adultery with.

But he said God forgave him and not to forget to send him more money.


Jesus saves John Hagee moaned as he humped the church secretary-
I like sex with you more than my wife he told her as my wife is so sedentary-

You make me want to use my holy pole in ways which leave me in a lurch-
But God will forgive me and so will the congregation of my church-

So bend over and spread them necked cheeks while I get the Vaseline-
Your chocolate highway is a pig fat preacher’s wet dream-

Nitwityahoo told me to preach this Sunday on holocausting the indigenous Semitic Palestinians-
But I believe I will take Sunday’s message from the thirteenth chapter of 1st Corinthians-

The Love chapter comes to mind as you and I commit adultery-
Damn baby your teats swinging there make me so damned sultry-

I promise I will get a divorce so we can get hitched soon-
But right now just stick that butt up here so I can shoot the moon!

The Ole Dog!

I forget the name of his Non Taxable Organization, but years back, and probably still does, ran an organization called I believe, Beautify Israel or some such bull shit, which payed to plant trees over where Semitic Palestinian villages, towns and cemeteries were bulldozed so as to hide the evidence of the war crimes.

And now he went to Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac demanding more fruits of their labor be stolen from American tax slaves at the point of weapons to give to Rothschild’s private fiefdom located in illegally, criminally, militarily occupied Palestine,

So tens of thousands more Innocent Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Descendants of Biblical Judeans can be blown to pieces by the Non Semitic Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian Mongrel Babylonian Talmud


End of Times Death Cult


I am not a “pastor” of a huge tax exempt social club like Holocaust ALL Palestinians Hagee, but my father was a pastor, I grew up in churches, I studied theology at a private religious university, read the Roman bible from cover to cover several times, and I find serious fault with Haggee’s claims Jesus will return to rule the world from Jerusalem.

Jesus was not a Jew.

Jesus who’s name was Yeshua was a Judahite.
He was fighting the evil of the Babylonian Talmud Pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult which was the prevailing cult religion in Judea during his time there.

Not all Judahites at the time were Death Cult members.

Yeshua DESPISED Pedophiles, he said:

As Pedophilia is an integral part and a supporting pillar of Judaism, IF Yeshua were to decide to rule the world from Jerusalem, he would have his followers all bring their swords with them,

Luke 22:36

“Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

and slaughter the hell out of the Red Russian Khazarian pedophile cult members.
Because there is no way in hell Jesus could stomach being around such child raping evil ass holes all the time without snapping their necks on a daily basis.

As for Hagge’s “brand” of buy your way to “heaven”.

Jesus the Christ Meets a Zionist “Christian”

Jesus, came back to see if humanity had improved in two thousand years.
He walked down the sidewalk, in a major American City.
He noticed a large gaudy building, which had a huge cross in the front yard.
He inquired of a very obese pig like person coming out of the huge building, if this were a place of public execution?

This person, in an expensive three piece suit looked at the man, in a long robe, long hair, and a beard, and thought, well there goes the neighborhood, and wondered if he should call the cops or the EMS, as clearly this man had escaped from a mental institute!

He drew himself up with pride, and said as his twelve double chins danced in indignation :
This is a house of God, devoted to the words of Jesus Christ, and I am the Pastor John Haggis!
I am the Good Shepherd, which guides the flock in the way of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

Jesus asked, where are the poor?

We have the police keep them from camping out around here, the sight of those losers upsets my parishioners.

Do you feed them?

No! That would just encourage them to come here!

But this Jesus you say you serve and revere, said feed the poor!

Things have changed, the world grew up, those who have, worked hard to take it from the working class, they earned their money, they deserve to live a better life style than losers who live on the street.

But what of the widow, do you take care of her.

Pastor, as long as her husband left her rich, and she faithfully gives at least 20 percent to my church, i mean Jesus’s church.

What about the orphan? Do you care for the orphan?

Thats what orphanages and welfare is for!

Jesus the Christ by now, was getting a bit confused.

You don’t help the poor, you steal from the widow, and throw the orphan to the pedophiles!
Why are you here, other than labor seems to frighten you?

The lard ass Pastor drew himself upright in indignation!
He sputtered and he spit!

He shouted, we are doing Our Lord Jesus Christ’s work, assisting Israhell, in Holocusting those Palestinians in Israhell.

As Jesus the Christ wandered on down the sidewalk, he muttered to himself,
Always knew them ass holes with the crosses were evil bastards!

The Ole Dog!


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