Cancun Cruz Said You Must Send Your Children To Die For Israel Which Did Nine-Eleven

Cancun Cruz said you must send your children to die for Israel which did nine-eleven-
You should be proud they kill and die for Ntwityahoo’s pedophile brethren-

After all they pay me well to whore myself, to pimp for them, the truth to mutilate and bend–
If I do not deliver the goods they threaten to Youtube those Mossad Jeffery videos to send-

So believe me when I tell you your children for Israel need to die-
After all, I am a politician, would I to you tell a Lie-

How dare Iran defend themselves form Israel’s bombing Iranians in a foreign land-
The bible I pretend to believe in said all humanity must give the Non Hebrew Khazarian Jews a hand-

So drag your child down to the recruiters office right away to enlist to be cannon fodder all & each-
Meanwhile I will be sipping frosted alcoholic drinks on a warm Cancun beach!

The Ole Dog!

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