The Ole Dog! making a List of Treasonous Blackmailed With Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Videos Rothschild’s Bit#hes, Checking It Twice, Finding Out Who’s Naughty or Nice

The Shit is going to hit the fan.
World wide but the American countries (states) illegally occupied


is where it will probably be the roughest.

Many Killer Jabbed sheep will not have to worry too much about the collapse as they are dropping like flys attracted to a bug zapper.

The crime cabal claiming to be a “government” has been destroying food production in every way possible while shipping in millions of 3ed world criminals to help crash what’s left of America, by the millions.

At some point street “justice” will become common place as the people want some payback against politicians, media, religious cults, banks and corporations which have made war against Americans.

Nuremberg styled Common Law courts will be convened by the public to give fair trials and fair hangings to those who took the 30 shekels to betray Americans.

Any ass hole in any capacity which has supported the betrayal of Americans by supporting the “elites, Israel, the UN, ICC, WHO, WEF and all other such communistic evil anti-human organizations will be given fair trials and fair hangings.

Personally I am making note of these who stood against the people in any capacity.

Operators of “social media platforms” who have censored the truth while promoting anti-human “elites” pig shit will need a fair trial.

Controlled opposition ass holes who have tried to stir up armed rebellion/violence in the streets so the DC evil child raping degenerates can “justify” inviting communist Chinese “UN” troops into America to “reestablish order” will need fair trials.

I encourage humans world wide to make a list, check it twice to see who has been naughty by betraying humanity and their people, so they can be legally arrested by People’s Peace Officers and dragged shiiting their fruit of the looms in front of the People’s Common Law Courts, given fair trails and their Just rewards.

There is nothing lower than those who took the 30 shekels, a better brand of booze, a warmer place to sleep, and raping little children to betray humanity.

They must not be allowed to say I am sorry and escape justice when the People take their countries and societies back from the Crime Cabal currently trying to install a One World Unelected Communist Dictatorship on all humanity while holocausting millions through fluoride in water, chemtrails sprayed on humanities heads, Frankenfood GMO poison, Voodoo witches brew killer jabs “vaccines”, food destruction and thousands of other ways the evil ass holes and their 30 shekel Judases are currently shoving up the asses and down the throats of humanity.

On that day when the courts are convened, people will need to remember who made war on them, have the evidence against them cataloged and ready.

The Ole Dog!

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