“COVID-19”, “BIRD FLU”, “SWINE FLU”-The Preventive For All These Is To Convene Nuremberg Tribunal Courts, Give Fair Trials, Fair Hangings To All Lying assed “Elites” and Their 30 Shekel Minions

Want to stop all these wars,


the systematic culling of the human herd

and the turning God’s wonderful Nature into a 3ed world shithole planet?

Convene Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law Courts worldwide.
arrest, give fair trials followed by fair hangings to all evil bribed and blackmailed

with Mossad jeffery Child Rape blackmail videos

evil soul-less demonically possessed Rothschild’s 30 shekel minions making war against humanity, and all this evil Mickey Mouse shit will come to a screeching halt!

Self Defense is a God Given Right!!
No King, President, Unelected “World” organization, No politician, no man made rule or “law”, no talking head media ass hole, no preacher, no priest, no religion, no cult, no billionaire, no “democracy”, has the right to steal a God Given Right from the Individual “for the good of the whole”.

Anyone claiming otherwise gives blow jobs to and takes it up the ass from Satan and his head representatives on this rock, the Ratschilds!

The Ole Dog!

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