When Evil Come Knocking Your Door Down

The US/DC empire is dying.
The child raping political whores in DC have been purposely trying to kill the Not federal, No reserves & Not a bank fiat dollar.

It is the masters of the whores in DC along with the willing help of the hand puppet whores in DC which is over running the country with 3ed world criminals.
In the city where I live, the Police Department has off duty cops in uniform using patrol cars protecting the NGOs which are flooding the city with 3ed world illegal criminals.

The Washington DC crowd with the help of their minions in the state houses are trying to destroy the food supply so Americans can be starved into submission.

Presently an illegal 3ed world criminal which hates America, which US/DC helped invade the country, gets from the Washington crowd more benefits than a senior American who worked hard all their life and is trying to live off of Social Security while DC makes sure the fiat currency buys less and less each and every day.

Soon, when the collapse comes, roving gangs of ex cops, ex military, indigenous criminals will be roving the streets breaking into homes, raping, robbing and murdering.

Third world criminals here illegally will be roving the streets, breaking into homes, raping, robbing and murdering.

It is my belief the US “government” will make sure these 3ed world criminals are armed, probably with real select fire assault weapons taken from military, FBI, CIA, HLS or such’s arsenals.

The indigenous run of the mill criminals already have weapons and as they break into homes, they will get more.

I saw a discussion on Twitter Litter, now called X, of people talking about getting theses for self defense.


This is insanity.
Non lethal toys to stop criminals armed with machine guns and more!

Most people do not understand how very thin the veneer of civilization is in most humans.
When chaos is the rule of the day, if you want to keep what is yours, if you don’t want to watch animals gang rape your wife and children, and probably you as well, then all be murdered, you had best be the baddest mother fucker in the damned valley!

If you don’t have the balls to kill the fuck out of those trying to bust your door down and then stack them at the curb, you have no business with a weapon anyway.
Better just spend the funds on personal lubricants and hope after your whole family is gang raped, they choose not to kill you.

If you think pointing a weapon at someone and threatening to shoot is going to stop a crowd of animals, you are sadly mistaken.
Here and there you might bluff someone but real bad asses will take that weapon from you, fuck you up the ass then shoot you in the back of the head with your own weapon.

If you have a family but are a pussyfied American male with no balls, now is the time to leave and let your woman get a real man who can and will defend her and your children.

This shit is coming, it can not be stopped at this point.
Either you are willing to kill animals as long as one is left, or you will be somebodies bitch which is passed around for casual sex or dead.

Personally I am not planning on endangering myself trying to save sheep around me who had plenty of time to get in the right frame of mind but chose to stick their heads up their asses and call people like me warning them what was coming nut cases or conspiracy theorist.

At this point I have to only care about me and mine.
It comes down to natural selection of the fittest in situations like this.
Mother Nature will use evil animals to eliminate stupid ball-less sheep who were warned again and again, but choose to keep their heads shoved so far up their own asses in fear and beliefs Uncle Sugar would always “protect” them that they will be easy prey.

Then after the ball-less sheep have been culled by the evil animals, the real men and women will cull the evil animals when they try to invade their homes.

Ever now and then the world has to descend into hell to come out the other side with a better set of breeding stock who build a better world.

Stack the carrion at the curb.
Unless you have composting piles of course.

Get er done!

The Ole Dog!

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