Dr. Bossche: Here comes the “massive, massive tsunami” of DEATH and destruction from Operation Warp Speed

Things are only just getting started as far as the death toll from Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccination,” warned Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche in a recent interview on the KunstlerCast podcast. The world-renowned Belgian virologist who for years has been sounding the alarm about the dangers of COVID injections says a “massive, massive tsunami” of illness […]

Musk Says Exposing Pedophiles is “Hateful Conduct”

Elon Musk says exposing Pedophiles is “hateful conduct”. The fact is Musk, Mossad uses proof of pedophilia to blackmail people into betraying their people/commiting treason for Rothschild’s private fiefdom in illegally criminally militarily occupied Palestine. but I would imagine you are personally well aware of how that blackmail works. So as a real American, you […]